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JavaScript Weekly Issue 88
July 20, 2012
Short on headlines but packed with articles and code today from a 1KB chess game I can't beat to a spooky face generator. I also have a simple contest at the end of this issue. Last, if you're at Throne of JS this week, have fun! - Peter.
JavaScript Technology Web Usage Statistics for July 2012 What are the 'top million' Web sites using JavaScript-wise? BuiltWith has tried to figure it out. Unsurprisingly, jQuery is way out in the lead.
Enyo 2 Framework Leaves Beta, Goes Full Release
Node.js 0.8.3 (stable) Released
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Building a Text-Based UI with Backbone and Charm
Building terminal-based apps with text-based UIs isn't JavaScript's typical stomping ground but this is an interesting introduction to the idea that uses Backbone and Charm to build up a flexible text-based UI.
How to Do Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5 Discusses client prediction, client interpolation, a simple lobby system, complete with a demo and MIT licensed example code. Uses Node.js,, Express, and HTML5 canvas.
NodeBots: The Rise of JS Robotics Chris Williams (of JSConf and node-serialport fame) reflects on the role of node-serialport and JS in some recent robotics experiments and announces that the library now supports Windows. (If you're at Throne of JS today, I've heard a rumor Chris will give you logo.js stickers if you buy him a beer. Do it and tell him we sent you!)
Backbone.js: Hacker's Guide Alex Young of DailyJS shows off parts of Backbone's source in an attempt to see how it works.
Writing an AngularJS App with Socket.IO Brian Ford shows how to integrate Socket.IO with an AngularJS app to add real-time features while building an instant messaging app.
Cloning JavaScript Arrays and Objects David Walsh shares a clone method, extracted from Dojo Toolkit, that can deep clone nodes, object literals, arrays, dates, regular expressions, and generic objects.
Deploying Node.js and MongoDB in Production with Stagecoach
JS + Arduino Tutorial: Controlling an LED with a Bumper Switch
A Survey of JavaScript Timers on Mobile
Adventures in Functional Programming with Jim Weirich Despite being self-described as 'extremely pointless' and including the 'worst JavaScript ever', Jim Weirich's talk about the Y-Combinator was my favorite of ScotlandJS 2012.
Getting Started With Node and Express Using Microsoft WebMatrix 2 Windows only but very well recorded and presented.
JavaScript: Getting Closure Mark Dalgleish's lightning talk breezes through the roles and uses of closures and immediately invoked function expressions (IIFEs) in JavaScript. Good, code driven slides make it easy to follow.
Code and Libraries
JavaScript Chess in 1KB (A JS1K Submission)
A playable 'tiny chess' game in a mere 1023 bytes of JavaScript. Ridiculously clever. (I'm so mind-bogglingly bad at chess it mated me in 2 minutes, though I've been beaten by people I had only just taught the rules to..)
dc.js: Dimensional Charting Library A d3-powered JS charting library with native crossfilter support allowing efficient exploration of large multi-dimensional datasets. Great on-page demo.
sketch.js: Tiny Boilerplate for Creating JS Creative Coding Experiments
Hallo.js: Distraction-Free Rich Text Editing for the Web Claims to be 'the simplest web editor imaginable.'
Astray: Simple, Open Source WebGL Maze Game Built With Three.js
mod.js: JavaScript MOD File Player Using Aurora.js When announcing AAC.js in last week's issue, I joked that I hoped MOD file support would be next. And.. I got my wish! (MOD is an old module music format popular in the demoscene of the late 80s/early 90s.)
longjohn: Long Stack Traces for Node.js A rewrite of Tom Robinson's long-stack-traces project.
OAuth2orize: OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server Toolkit for Node.js
eRouter: Dynamically Load JavaScript and CSS Files Based On Current URL
Dynasaur: DynamoDB ORM for Node.js
Owldoc: JavaScript Prose Documentation Generator
jquery-mobile-starter: Basic PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile Project Starter
Testacular: A Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript
JSTerm: An Alternative JavaScript Terminal for Firefox Mozilla's Paul Rouget shows off JSTerm, an experimental alternative JavaScript REPL for Firefox.
Nodist: A Node.js Version Manager for Windows
Mobile Web Developer at Moovweb Moovweb is hiring exceptional mobile web developers. If you have a passion for mobile, we would love to hear from you. In addition to experience with programming and web development, Moovweb also values raw talent and the ability to learn quickly!
Interested in building Web Applications using Node.js? (San Francisco, CA) Can you help us make a remarkable product? We work in small teams, TDD our code, devop our production and contribute back to the open source community. And we offer the opportunity to learn new technologies and share what you learn.
Last but not least..
Pareidoloop: Random Polygons + Face Detection == Creepy!
An simple yet intriguing JavaScript-powered demo that couples random polygon generation, mutation, and face detection to generate random faces out of thin air.
2 x JavaScript Screencast 3-Packs to Win If You Tweet About This Issue I've got two copies of Derick Bailey's 'JavaScript Fundamentals' screencast three pack (normally $24) to give away to two random subscribers who tweet about this issue of JavaScript Weekly! Just a bit of fun. The winners will get @replies on Twitter next week :-)
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