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JavaScript Weekly Issue 89
July 27, 2012
Congratulations to @anandrajaram and @wimplash who won issue 88's contest. They each get Derick Bailey's JavaScript Fundamentals pack - but thanks to everyone who entered! - Peter.
Adobe PhoneGap 2.0 Released, 'A Vastly Improved Developer Experience' PhoneGap lets you build cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript. 2.0 brings extra command line tooling, Windows Phone support, support for unified JavaScript across platforms and more.
jQuery 1.8 Release Candidate 1 Released jQuery 1.8 is just around the corner. Get testing and report any bugs now. As they say, "here's your chance to be a hero to the jQuery community!"
Meteor's New $11.2 Million Development Budget Back in JSW #74 we linked to Meteor, a new open source, pure JavaScript platform for building webapps, frontend and back. Now they have a giant pile'o'cash to fund its further development! The main investor is Andreessen Horowitz who also recently invested $100m with GitHub.
Node's New Unstable Branch Begins With 0.9.0
Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle with Addy Osmani Kill the spaghetti code and join the MV* bandwagon, says Addy Osmani in this article for Smashing Magazine. A high level look at what frameworks make sense and for which jobs, concluding with a list of pros and cons for many major frameworks.
Discussion on GitHub About Benefits of Adding AMD Support to Projects An intriguing discussion about the pros and cons of AMD and why AMD and 'global strings' are preferable to using global variable names. Jeremy Ashkenas notes it's 'a distinction without a difference.'
Handy List of 58 Backbone.js Tutorials and Learning Resources
Step by Step From jQuery to Backbone.js A lengthy walkthrough of taking a simple blob of jQuery-powered code to a basic Backbone.js app. Very thorough, though it got some criticism on Hacker News from many who found the original jQuery code easier to read.
How to Create Custom Events in jQuery
Thoughts On ECMAScript 6 and New Syntax Nicholas C. Zakas takes a look at and gives some thoughts on what he finds good, bad, and ugly about it. It provoked quite a discussion in the comments.
JavaScript Design Patterns: Proxy, Observer and Command The final part of Joseph Zimmerman's series looking into design patterns with JavaScript.
On JavaScript 'Components' Prolific JavaScript library creator TJ Holowaychuk shares some thoughts on packages, libraries, and the delivery of JavaScript 'components.'
Node's Personal Manservant Jed Schmidt introduces the two faces of NPM, the offi­cial node.js pack­age man­ager: NPM the eco­sys­tem and NPM the tool.
Jank Busters: Building Performant Web Apps When animations hitch, mouse hover effects lag, or page scrolls stutter, we call it "jank." This talk is about hunting jank down and exterminating it in your Web apps.
Testing Your Backbone From The Outside-In (from ScotlandJS)
Anette Bergo on Truthiness, Falsiness and Other JavaScript Gotchas
Efficient JavaScript Vector Math A slidedeck by Brandon Jones from Google I/O 2012. Code heavy slides.
Code and Libraries
BinaryJS: Real-time Binary Streaming for The Web Using WebSockets A lightweight framework that uses WebSockets to send, stream, and pipe binary data bi-directionally between browser javascript and Node.js.
Node.js 0.8.4 (Stable) Released
php.js: A PHP Transcompiler and VM in JavaScript Transforms PHP code into JavaScript which can be run against the enclosed PHP VM to get PHP functionality direct from your browser.
TeaJS: An Alternative Approach to Server-Side JavaScript It doesn't claim as such, but formerly known as v8cgi, TeaJS is a sort of alternative to Node.js for doing server-side JavaScript work. One of Tea's goals is to adhere to CommonJS specifications as closely as possible.
Polpetta: A Node.js HTTP Server in Any Folder You Want Runs up a Node-powered HTTP server in any folder you want whereupon '.njs' files get executed CGI-style.
Zoomooz.js: jQuery Plugin to Make Any Web Page 'Zoom' Zoomooz is a jQuery plugin for making web page elements zoom. It can be used for making Prezi like slideshows and for zooming to images or other elements.
jasmine-given: Leaner, Meaner Specs with 'Given', 'When' and 'Then' Syntax
Fay: A Haskell Subset That Compiles to JS
Qwerty Hancock: Vector JavaScript Keyboard for Web Audio Projects It only works in Chrome but for now the name and the retro feel won me over here!
smart-time-ago: Relative Timestamps for Your Pages A jQuery library to update the relative timestamps in your document intelligently. (e.g '3 hours ago' instead of an absolute time).
Implementing a Magnifying Glass for Image Zooming with jQuery and CSS3
w3cjs: Test Files and URLs Against W3C's HTML Validator from Node.js Potentially handy for your automated tests if validation is a must-have for you.
AngularJS Now Hosted on Google CDN
Skilled Frontend/Javascript Engineer (Bay Area / Flexible) Yap.TV is a well-funded startup that is defining Social/Interactive TV. Be our frontend engineer and build beautiful, high performance Web applications using Sencha Touch, Ext Js, CoffeeScript, AngularJS and Sass.
Interested in building Web Applications using Node.js? (San Francisco, CA)
JavaScript Engineer (Cambridge, MA)
Last but not least..
js13kGames: Forthcoming HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition Think you have what it takes to build an HTML5 and JavaScript game in just 13KB of code, including libraries? js13kGames kicks off on 13th August and there are already tons of prizes on offer.
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