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JavaScript Weekly Issue 91
August 10, 2012
A truly bumper packed issue today! A couple of major releases and a ton of awesome articles and new libraries. And Remy Sharp continues to impress with his JS Bin tool.. see the bottom couple of items for an interesting challenge - Peter.
jQuery 1.8 Released
After several betas and a release candidate, jQuery 1.8 is here to enjoy. It includes a rewrite of its selector engine, automatic CSS prefixing, and still checks in at a few hundred bytes fewer than before.
Prototype 1.7.1 Released A blast from the JavaScript framework past! Two years on from 1.7.0, 1.7.1 introduces ES5 compatibility and a rewrite of dom.js. But is Prototype dead? No! It just 'hibernates for long periods of time.'
Ember.js 1.0 Prerelease Now Available
js13kGames JS + HTML5 Gamedev Contest Starts Monday, August 13
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Getting Bitwise with JavaScript Bocoup's Rebecca Murphey presents a gentle introduction to bitwise operations in JavaScript - think AND, OR, XOR, etc. BTW, here's a brain bender for you, you can get the median of two integers with (x & y) + ((x ^ y) >> 1)...
10 Reasons Why Your Projects Should Use the Dojo Toolkit David Walsh says 'the most powerful and underutilized JavaScript utility is one and the same: the Dojo Toolkit' and shares ten reasons why you should give it a go.
If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript.. A whimsical post by Angus Croll. In a dream, he asked four literary luminaries to write some JavaScript for him and these are the results. I like to think my own code channels the spirit of William S. Burroughs.
A (Simple) JavaScript Security Flaw Alex MacCaw touches on a simple but significant security flaw that can arise by blindly interpolating JavaScript into a Web page from a server side app.
Writing High-Performance, Garbage-Collector-Friendly Code Most of us don't have to panic about browsers' garbage collection but it's a particular bugbear for game developers. Martin Wells digs into some of the issues and shows off his gamecore.js library for helping with them.
Introducing Mobify.js: JavaScript for Client-Side Adaptation A framework for client-side adaptation of any site to any device. The adaptations all get run client-side so every page on your site continues to live at a single URL. MIT licensed.
New ECMAScript Strawman Proposal: The ':=' Operator Interesting potential features for ECMAScript get floated as 'strawman' proposals and this latest one defines a := operator which would be used for defining properties on objects.
JavaScript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners Microsoft's Channel 9 dishes up a free, 21 part JavaScript screencast series.
JSConf Live with Isaac Schlueter (1h Podcast) Chris Williams and Matt Podwysocki talk with the man at the helm of Node.js, Isaac Schlueter, about Node, npm, ES6 and more.
JavaScript: Your New Overlord In this keynote presentation at JAXConf 2012, Douglas Crockford asserts that JavaScript has become the most important programming language in the world.
Mozilla's Robert Nyman: 'JavaScript APIs - The Web is the Platform'
Leak Finder: Google's New Memory Leak Finder for JavaScript Google has open sourced a 'leak finder' tool that works against the Developer tools remote inspecting protocol of Chrome, retrieves heap snapshots, and detects objects which are 'leaking' memory.
Kendo UI Dojo: Learn Kendo UI with Online, Guided Tutorials Kendo UI is a way to build apps that look-and-feel native on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, all using JavaScript. The 'Dojo' is an interactive environment designed to help you get up and learning Kendo UI quickly with no downloads needed.
Code and Libraries
CAPSLOCKSCRIPT: JavaScript, The Loud Parts A ton in cheek project to free JavaScript developers from the 'tyranny of lower case', CAPSLOCKSCRIPT lets you write your JavaScript in full caps like it's 1983.
Adaptor: Extensible jQuery 3D Content Slider A lightweight content slider that aims to provide a simple interface for developers to create cool 2D or 3D slide animation transitions.
jQuery PowerTip: Flexible Hovering Tooltip Plugin One of the better ones I've seen.
Automate Command Line Programs in Node.js with 'suppose' A programmable Node.js module that you can use to automate command line programs whether for testing or macro-style purposes.
Typist: Add Animated Typing Text to Any Block Element A jQuery plugin that can animate text as if it were being typed onto the screen.
npm-latest: Get the Latest Version of a Package in npm Requires Node 0.8.x.
D3.js 2.10.0 Released The awesome D3 JavaScript visualization library gets a small feature bump. Link is to the change log.
Motown: Easy JavaScript Apps for Metro A library for building Metro-style apps that use Web technologies yet still have great performance, using as little code as possible.
Timeline JS: Beautifully Crafted Timelines A way to create 'timelines' that pull in media from different sources (tweets, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, etc) using JavaScript. See the demo.
Javascript Developer on Small Agile Team (Pasadena, CA or Portland, OR) Work on a small agile team, influence the product requirements, develop a feature and deploy it the same day, and then get home at a reasonable time to hang out with your family and friends.
Amazon Is Hiring A Team of JavaScript Developers - All Levels of Experience Amazon Development Centre London is hiring for multiple JavaScript and HTML5 roles. Opportunities for all levels - from graduates to experienced developers.
Senior Web Developer at eBay Israel Social Center (Tel Aviv, Israel) At the ISC we look for expert developers who are passionate about the web, love open-source and are excited about code. Join us in building beautiful, high performance social Web applications using Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, RoR, SCSS and HAML.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
Last But Not Least..
JS Bin: Remote Rendering With 24 Devices JS Bin is a popular collaborative JavaScript debugging and coding site/tool that recently added live updating functionality. In this video, creator Remy Sharp shows off the feature by updating 24 devices simultaneously and challenges you to beat him.
JS Bin: Right Click (Chrome Extension) If there's a block of code on the page, simply right click, choose 'edit in JS Bin' and the code will be sucked straight in to JS Bin and ready to run, save and share. Chrome only for now.
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