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JavaScript Weekly Issue 92
August 17, 2012
Welcome to issue 92 of JavaScript Weekly. Having the cliched 'day from hell' so far so I apologize for any shortcomings in today's issue. Back to 100% next week! ;-) - Peter.
Dojo Toolkit 1.8 Released A significant release for the popular JavaScript toolkit. Major documentation improvements, a redesigned Promises/A-compliant deferreds/promises implementation, a new framework for creating graphically rich gauges, a new calendaring widget, and tons more.
ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification Updates Ecma TC39 is not only working on the next version of ECMAScript but also the ECMAScript Internationalization API, an attempt to add core internationalization functionality to the language. The latest version of the spec is now out. Norbert Lindenberg, editor of the spec, tells JSW that "the plan of record is that TC 39 will approve this specification at its meeting in September, and the Ecma General Assembly at its meeting in December."
A Gentler Introduction to the ECMAScript Internationalization API
From our Sponsor
JavaScript Events And Responding To The User Over at Smashing Coding, Mozilla's Christian Heilmann starts from the basics of what events mean in JavaScript and the browser and why decoupling functionality from events is a powerful idea.
On VMs in JavaScript Codecademy's Amjad Masad looks at some of the challenges in implementing a language VM in JavaScript.
jQuery 1.8 Box-Sizing: width(), css('width'), and outerWidth() The jQuery core team explains some changes, quirks, and updates with regards to how jQuery 1.8 handles the getting and setting of box sizing.
How to Build a Windows 8 Netflix App with WinJS and HTML5 A step by step guide to creating a Netflix Movie Explorer Metro app for Windows 8 using WinJS, HTML5, and Visual Studio 12. It seems Windows 8 will prove an interesting platform for HTML5 developers.
An Overview of Brackets' Code Architecture An in-depth look at how the open source code editor Brackets (by Adobe) is architected using web standards technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as frameworks like RequireJS.
Learning Knockout.js Eric Davis shares some of the impressions (and code!) he picked up while trying to learn to use Knockout.js, the MVVM JavaScript library.
AngularJS and The Goodfilms Mobile Site A rather detailed post (and only the first in a series!) about building a mobile site using Google's AngularJS framework, along with code samples and explanations. Worth reading if you want to get a feel for AngularJS in the setting of a non-trivial app.
An Interview with Dojo Toolkit Creator Dylan Schiemann
Using jQuery UI's Progress Bar With MVVM, Knockout and Web Workers
JavaScript Module Loaders: A Necessary Evil?
Code and Libraries
JustGage: JavaScript and SVG-powered Gauges JavaScript plugin for generating and animating nice, clean gauges. It's based on the popular Raphael library for vector drawing with SVG.
Node.js 0.8.7 (Stable) Released
Infinity.js: A UITableView for the Web UITableView is a commonly used list control on iOS and Airbnb's Infinity.js brings it power to the Web to speed up scrolling through long lists and keeping your infinite feeds smooth and stable for your users.
favicon.js: Tiny Library for Dynamically Changing A Page's Favicon
loadreport.js: Get A Report of DOM and Resource Loading Times Usable as a remote service or a Node.js script downloaded to your own machine, loadreport.js uses PhantomJS to build a report of DOM and resource loading times for a Web page.
Browserver: A Pseudo-Node.js HTTP Server in Your Browser A clever experiment that uses to allow your Web browser to serve Web pages over a publicly accessible URL. A cute tech demo.
Omega: Node-based Realtime Issue Tracker
JSNetworkX: JS Port of a Popular Python Graphing Library A port of the popular Python graph library NetworkX which is used for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and function of complex networks.
Vock: OS X-only Voice Over IP using Node 0.8
Lawnchair: Simple JSON Storage Bills itself as a 'super micro tiny storage' system using JSON, or a lightweight CouchDB, if you will. Handy for HTML5 mobile apps that need a lightweight, simple and elegant persistence solution.
Sasquatch: jQuery + Templates + Closure == Desktop Calibre Webapps Sasquatch aims to let you use jQuery's rich plugin ecosystem along with readable HTML templates to create 'desktop-calibre webapps'.
t.js: Tiny Javascript Templating Framework (400 bytes gzipped)
NoR: A JavaScript Reactive Programming Engine
NodeJS/Rails Engineer at Chute (San Francisco, CA) We're looking for a badass full-stack engineer to join our growing engineering team. We have a fast-paced, fun team and a highly collaborative culture. You're versed in all things Node, JS, Ruby, and Rails. You relish solving problems at scale.
Javascript Developer on Small Agile Team (Pasadena, CA or Portland, OR) Work on a small agile team, influence the product requirements, develop a feature and deploy it the same day, and then get home at a reasonable time to hang out with your family and friends.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
Last but not least..
Windows 8 Virtual Hackathon: Build an App in JavaScript by August 26 Microsoft's Matt Harrington has kicked off a week long Windows 8 'virtual hackathon' where you can build your Windows 8 app using JavaScript and HTML5. Instructions within, and there are prizes.
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