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JavaScript Weekly Issue 93
August 24, 2012
CKEditor 4 Beta Released Originally called FCKEditor, this popular JavaScript-powered WYSIWYG editor has been around for 9 years. The beta of version 4 sees CKEditor moving on to GitHub, dropping IE6 support, and supporting inline editing.
Node 0.8.8 (stable) Released
Octane: Google's JavaScript Benchmark Suite for the Modern Web A modern benchmark that measures a JS engine's performance by running a suite of tests representative of modern, demanding webapps. Octane consists of 8 tests found in the initial V8 Benchmark Suite plus the addition of 5 others - pdf.js, Mandreel, GB Emulator, Code Loading, and Box2DWeb.
From our Sponsor
JavaScript Physics Engines Comparison An awesome roundup and comparison of four different JavaScript physics libraries (such as used for game development) by Chandler Prall.
Writing a Command Line Tool with Node.js A simple walkthrough of creating a basic command line tool using Node.js and Grunt by Jack Franklin on the JavaScript Playground blog.
JavaScript Scope Quiz Test your knowledge of JavaScript variable and function scoping issues with this interactive quiz which also tries to teach a few things along the way.
Creating A Custom Theme in jQuery Mobile An excerpt from the 'jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials' book that covers the basics of building a custom theme for a jQuery Mobile app using ThemeRoller.
Let's Make a Drawing Game with Node.js Tutorialzine walks through how to build a simple, multi-user online drawing 'game.' It uses so works across most modern browsers.
Jasmine.Async: Making Asynchronous Testing With Jasmine Suck Less
Handling 1 Million Concurrent Connections with Node.js Aaron Robinson rigged up 500 test clients on EC2 to hit a Node.js app to reach a concurrency level of 1 million. It worked, and he shares some insights and tips here.
JavaScript Video Technology Only 17 Years in The Making Rob Cringely talks about advances made in rendering video directly with JavaScript (without relying on HTML5 video tags or plugins).
Developing and Hosting an HTML5 Game with MongoDB, Node.js and OpenShift
Determining Objects in a Set: Examples in JavaScript
Using JSHint Inside Visual Studio: The Basics
Backbone.js: Internals Summary Alex Young summarizes a multi-part round up he's done looking at Backbone.js's internals in detail.
Flickr-Style Dynamic Edit Fields with jQuery and CSS3
Beyond the DOM: Sane Structure for JS Apps Bocoup's Rebecca Murphey digs into some patterns for thinking about client-side application development that can help you avoid creating a tangled mess of code.
Jeremy Ashkenas Explains Backbone.js at Throne of JS
Code and Libraries
is.js: Small Library for Identifying Types in JavaScript Working out the 'type' of data or objects in JavaScript isn't always as simple as using the 'typeof' operator. is.js bundles various techniques and workarounds together to do type querying in a single library.
Prism: Lightweight, Elegant JavaScript-powered Syntax Highlighting The latest awesomeness from Lea Verou.
BigVideo.js: A jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video A plugin that makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video (or images, as a fallback) to your pages. The project page itself shows off the striking effect.
Buffet: Performance-oriented Static File Server for Node.js A static file server that can run on its own or work as middleware in another Node app that loads all static files into memory upon running for the highest performance.
ForkQueue: Work Queue for Node.js That Uses Child Processes
jQuery Toggles: jQuery Plugin for Simple Toggle Buttons
15 Cool jQuery Animation Plugins We haven't had a list post for a while so let's go for it ;-)
Chirp.js: Tweets On Your Site, Simply Lightweight Twitter JavaScript plugin with templates and client side caching.
A Date Range Picker for Twitter Bootstrap
HiloJS: A Sample Windows Metro-Style App Using JavaScript Microsoft's patterns and practices team has built a 'guidance' project exploring the best practices around building Windows 8 apps with JavaScript.
FTPM: Node-powered Font Package Manager A font helper built on top of Google Web Fonts and Node.js. Allows you to manage system fonts, generate web font files, CSS from Google Web Fonts and CSS using data-uri embeds.
Berliner: Lightweight Web Framework in 16 Lines of CoffeeScript Okay, they're 16 rather 'busy' lines of CoffeeScript but the API is nice! :-)
NodeJS ninjas wanted for ground floor local/social commerce startup Tastemaker Labs is a small, scrappy mobile commerce startup in San Francisco. We are a passionate and talented group of people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a burning desire to build software that disrupts old business models and helps local business.
Front-End Developer at CareZone (Seattle and San Francisco) Do filenames like frighten or excite you? We're a small, well-funded software startup where you can have a big impact working with smart, thoughtful folks on a truly helpful product.
NodeJS/Rails Engineer at Chute (San Francisco, CA)
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
Last but not least..
JS-i18n: JavaScript in Your (Spoken) Language Like most programming languages, JavaScript uses English keywords and syntax elements. JS-i18n, however, lets you write JavaScript in languages like French, German, or Hindi. I'm scared.
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