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JavaScript Weekly Issue 94
August 31, 2012
Effective JavaScript: A Forthcoming Book by David Herman
Mozilla and TC39's David Herman is working on 'Effective JavaScript', a new book that promises an in-depth look at JavaScript and using it effectively to write portable, robust, and maintainable apps and libraries. Available to pre-order now and due in December.
jQuery 1.8.1 Released Primarily aimed at fixing issues found by the community in the first 1.8 release. There's now also official documentation for Sizzle, jQuery's new selector engine.
AppFog Acquires Nodester to Round Out Node.js Hosting Technology Offerings
Smashing Node.js: JavaScript Everywhere by Guillermo Rauch A new JavaScript book by curator Guillermo Rauch is out in Kindle format with the print edition due next month.
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Building JavaScript Web Applications with Elasticsearch and Ember A great walkthrough of building a simple task management app in JavaScript, using elasticsearch, an open source JSON-based search server, as a persistence layer.
Building The Atari Arcade with CreateJS The Atari Arcade is a Web-based re-imagining of a handful of classic Atari games. In this article, Atari digs deep into how they used the CreateJS suite of libraries to make it all come together. A great explanation of how useful these libraries are.
A Look into Object.observe TC39 member Rick Waldron digs into an addition to ECMAScript that can be used to get notifications when objects are changed/mutated in various ways.
Essential JavaScript: The Top Five Script Loaders Jack Franklin presents an overview of five options for loading scripts in this article for .Net magazine.
Building and Testing a Backbone App in CoffeeScript Claudio Ortolina builds a Backbone.js app complete with Jasmine tests, all using CoffeeScript.
JavaScript Design Patterns: Decorator Rob Dodson demonstrates a common OO design pattern in JavaScript involving an objects that add functionality to other objects dynamically.
Creating a Sign Up/Registration Page using Knockout, jQuery and HTML5
Developing Backbone.js Applications Lots of updates and new sections for Addy Osmani's guide to using the Backbone.js framework for structuring JavaScript applications. Perhaps the most substantial free guide to Backbone so far.
How We Built A Timeline Plugin for AngularJS
6 Javascript Tips for Non-Specialists
The HTTP.SYS Stack for Node.js Apps On Windows
8 Tips and Suggestions on Node.js Style and Structure
Method Combinators in CoffeeScript From the always interesting Reg 'raganwald' Braithwaite.
Data Mining Local Radio Station Playlists with Node.js A walkthrough of performing some practical data mining and analysis.
Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs A talk by Elijah Manor from the recent jQuery Conference in San Francisco.
jQuery Plugin Unit Testing: Get Around The Event Loop John K. Paul explains how to begin with unit testing jQuery plugins and how to avoid common pitfalls when dealing with asynchronous or event handling code.
Extensible jQuery Plugin Development
Yehuda Katz: What's jQuery Doing on Standards?
Code and Libraries
Pac-Man: An Authentic JavaScript and Canvas Clone
A fun-to-play and authentic looking Pac-Man clone written in JavaScript and using HTML5 Canvas.
jQuery UI 1.9 RC Released The official jQuery user interface library has been upgraded to use jQuery Core 1.8.0 and jQuery Color 2.0.0. Lots of API redesign but compatibility with 1.8 is promised. New widgets include Menu, Spinner, and Tooltip.
Node 0.9.1 (Unstable)
SpaceMagic: Dead Simple Real-time Webdev for Node.js A full-stack JS Web development framework for building fast, real-time webapps 'as easily as you would non-realtime applications.' Includes dynamically updating views, live asset updates, and client-server code sharing.
Poet: Node-based Blog Generator/Platform
SVGeezy: A JS Plugin for SVG Fallbacks Detects SVG images on your site and automatically 'looks' for a standard image fallback for older, less capable browsers.
node-dbox: A Node.js API/SDK for Dropbox
Microsoft's XLSX.js: Converts Excel Spreadsheets To/From base64 Strings
jQuery Color 2.1.0 Released
Muscula: JavaScript Error Logging Service in Free Public Beta JS Data Visualization Tools An attractive link roundup to 43 different data visualization tools and libraries, most of them JavaScript-based.
Software Developer at Matrix Solutions (Pittsburgh, PA) Wanna develop software at a progressive, agile company with an established customer base? Matrix Solutions, the leading provider of sales management solutions for the media industry, is looking for a developer with great JavaScript chops to join our team.
Front-End Developer at CareZone (Seattle and San Francisco) Do filenames like frighten or excite you? We're a small, well-funded software startup where you can have a big impact working with smart, thoughtful folks on a truly helpful product.
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