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JavaScript Weekly Issue 95
September 7, 2012
jQuery Mobile 1.2 Beta Released Lots of bugs fixed since the alpha. New features in 1.2 include a popup widget, custom collapsible icons, popup history tracking, collapsible lists, a flat visual style for read only lists, and more.
JS.everywhere: A JS Conference for Business (October 26-27, San Jose) Join Douglas Crockford, Estelle Weyl and others for an industry focused JavaScript conference in Silicon Valley this fall. The organizers say you can get $50 off using code 'JSweekly' within the next week (I don't get a bean for this, BTW, just being nice! :-))
Node Dublin: A Node.JS Conference in Dublin This October
Mozilla Launches an Official Mozilla JavaScript Blog
From our Sponsor
RoyalSlider: The Super Flexible Image Gallery and HTML Slider Plugin
Create responsive and touch-friendly sliders with this script. Its modular architecture lets you build your own version of the script including only the features you need - all using a simple online tool. CSS3 transitions with fallbacks are used for all animations.
30 Top Examples Of JavaScript on the Web Creative Bloq asked Jack Franklin, Rey Bango, Addy Osmani and Stephen Fulljames to pick some of their favorite examples of JavaScript out in the wild.
Machine Learning: Genetic Algorithms, Part 1 (in JavaScript) An introduction to machine learning and genetic algorithms in JavaScript by Burak Kanber.
5 Tips for Better JavaScript (in 57 Slides)
Amazon's S3 Gets Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Support This change means you can now build webapps that use JavaScript and HTML5 to upload files direct to Amazon's popular storage service.
AngularJS: About Those Custom Attributes.. Alex Young of DailyJS notes that AngularJS code can fail HTML5 validation due to the custom attributes it uses. The good news is AngularJS now also supports valid 'data-' prefixed attributes too. Alex demonstrates.
An Introduction to libuv A free, online book about libuv, the high performance cross-platform evented I/O library used to implement Node.js's event loop.
JavaScript Tricks You May Not Know Quite entry level.
Interview With the All-Stars From V8's 'runtime.js' Not an interview at all, but an interesting dig into grabbing JavaScript's 'native' methods on the V8 JavaScript engine (where they're implemented using JavaScript itself, in a file called runtime.js).
Modeling Physics in JavaScript: Gravity and Drag
Code, Libraries and Tools
Wicked Good XPath: A Faster JavaScript XPath Library A Google-authored pure JavaScript implementation of the DOM Level 3 XPath specification that they claim to be 'the fastest XPath implementation available in JavaScript.'
WebStorm 5.0 Released: JetBrains' JavaScript IDE Introduces live HTML/CSS/JS editing preview for Google Chrome, Jade templates support, better JS code completion, and more. A paid product but they seem to have a sale on.
Meteor 0.4.0 Released: Introduces a New Live Page Update Engine
Processing 2.0's Examples Now All Available in Processing.js Processing is a wildly popular Java-oriented visual development language and environment. Version 2.0 has just gone into beta and already its example programs have been ported for the Web using Processing.js.
Knockback.js: Brings Knockout.js Magic to Backbone.js
BookBlock: A Content Flip jQuery Plugin Use this plugin to create 'booklet-like' components on your pages that include a 3D page flip animation.
Wat: A Lightweight, Advanced, and Practical Lisp for JavaScript
jQuery Gantt Chart Editor A jQuery-based, open source Gantt chart system. Gantt charts are a type of bar chart used for representing project schedules.
SpookyJS: Control PhantomJS from Node
node-osx-notifier: Node.JS + OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center OS X Mountain Lion includes a notification center system and node-osx-notifier is a Node.JS server for sending notifications to it.
Introducing Saltarelle: An Open Source C# to JavaScript Compiler
Enquire.js: Media Query Callbacks in JavaScript
Backbone Routefilter: Before and After Filters for Backbone.Router
Express.js App Generator Page
Developer Evangelist at Firebase (San Francisco, CA) Firebase is looking for a front-end developer who can build Firebase apps and teach other developers how to use Firebase. You'll be the face of our company and responsible for user acquisition and retention. It'll be awesome.
Front-End Developer at CareZone (Seattle and San Francisco) Do filenames like frighten or excite you? CareZone is a small, well-funded software startup where you can have a big impact working with smart, thoughtful folks on a truly helpful product.
Frontend Engineer at Flickr (San Francisco)
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
Last but not least..
Backbone + CoffeeScript: The Book
A (paid) interactive e-book by Chris Smith designed to give you practical, hands-on experience building real features with Backbone.js. It lets you edit and run code right from the page while you learn and the 'Quick Tour' chapter is free if you want to get a feel for it.
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