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JavaScript Weekly Issue 96
September 14, 2012
Yeoman Released: A Robust Toolset for Webapp Developers
A powerful and opinionated set of tools from some of Google's finest. Yeoman offers fast scaffolding for new projects (with systems like Backbone and Ember), automatic compilation of CoffeeScript and Sass, automatic linting, image optimization, ES6 module syntax support, manifest generation, PhantomJS unit testing, and more.
IonMonkey JavaScript JIT Now Enabled in Firefox 18 Beefier JavaScript performance for Firefox is around the corner thanks to IonMonkey, a JIT compilation architecture for JavaScript that applies analysis and optimization to compiled code and will be mostly used for long-running JavaScript processes.
WebMatrix 2 Released: Microsoft's Free Webdev Tool Includes Intellisense code completion for Node.js and jQuery code, Azure integration, and built-in templates for Node.js.
JavaScript Tops Latest Programming Language Popularity Ranking From RedMonk
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Backbone.Marionette: Developing Backbone.js Applications Addy Osmani's popular Developing Backbone.js Applications online book gets boosted with a new section all about Marionette, a library that simplifies the construction of large scale Backbone apps.
Pragmatic.js: A Pragmatic Style Guide to JavaScript From the creators of Zepto. Welcomes contributions.
Dropbox Dives Into CoffeeScript During a recent hack week, some Dropbox engineers converted their entire JavaScript code base into CoffeeScript. Here they dig deep into why and explain their methodology.
What's Microsoft's Father of C#'s Next Trick? Speculation is rife that Anders Hejlsberg is working on something serious JavaScript-wise at Microsoft. Given their increased interest in JS recently, I wouldn't be surprised.
YUI From The Outside An ex-Yahoo developer shares his frustrations with, and suggestions for, Yahoo's YUI project. It all worked out well though with a positive followup 3 days later.
Using Ant to Build a JavaScript Library For when you need a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
Date Handling in JavaScript is Hard. Make It Easy With Moment.js
How A Flex Developer Ended Up Enjoying JavaScript Omar Gonzalez was an enthusiastic Adobe Flex developer but has jumped into JavaScript and elegantly shares a lot of info about the tools he now uses.
Getting Started Managing Client Side Scripts with Require.js
Scripting Chocolat (an OS X Text Editor) with Node.js
Making a Simple Drawing Application using RaphaelJS
An Aside for Yeoman
Yeoman (see top link) has proven such a substantial release that there are already several useful articles about it.
Yeoman: Tooling and Frameworks for Apps For the Adobe Developer Connection, Andy Matthews walks through getting started with the just released Yeoman, a set of tools, libraries and workflow for quickly building web apps.
Say Yo to Yeoman: A Simple Walkthrough of Yeoman
Installing Yeoman's Stack on Windows
Zen and the Art of TDD (in JavaScript) A 25 minute walk through the top 5 reasons to do TDD, with a focus on examples in JavaScript.
Ember.js: A State of the Union with Yehuda Katz Yehuda Katz on the Ember.js framework, the principles behind it and its main features.
How to Build Your Own Custom jQuery: A Short Screencast
A Course: Single Page Apps with HTML5, Web API, Knockout and jQuery A new Pluralsight course by John Papa. You have to be a member but there's a way to access it for free till September 18 here.
Code and Libraries
Overscroll: Mobile Safari's 'overflow-scrolling' for Desktop Browsers jQuery Plugin and polyfill for Mobile Safari's 'overflow-scrolling' style but aimed at desktop browsers.
Bower: A Package Manager for the Web Gives structure to the process of installing assets like images, CSS and JavaScript and managing dependencies.
matches.js: Powerful Pattern Matching for JavaScript Matches.js brings the power and expressiveness of pattern matching (in the overloading method calls sense) to JavaScript.
Notifier.js: OSD/GNOME/Growl-style On Page Notifications One of the nicer implementations of this effect I've seen.
Skinny Coffee Machine: Simple JS State Machine With Observers
BonsaiJS: Lightweight Graphics Library with SVG Renderer
mocha-phantomjs: PhantomJS Runners for Mocha
Sr. JavaScript Engineer @ Blueprint Health Come help us scale the practice of medicine. You'll be saving people's lives! We're looking for an experience JavaScript Engineer for our growing team.
Frontend - JavaScript Engineer @ Fairloan Financial The Financial Services industry is broken. FairLoan was founded in December 2011 to fix it. We want to put our technology to work to fix big problems. We're looking for a front end JavaScript developer to join our growing team.
JavaScript Engineer @ Pantheon Pantheon ( is fast moving start-up based in downtown San Francisco making it radically easier for organizations to develop and manage their websites. We need a JavaScript enthusiast to join our growing team!
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
Last but not least..
jQuery Fundamentals Revived: A Guide to The Basics Of jQuery Rebecca Murphey's original and popular jQuery guide has been refreshed and revived up to jQuery 1.8 standards and now includes a built-in editor to try examples as you learn.
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