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JavaScript Weekly Issue 98
September 28, 2012
Latest Draft Specification for (ECMAScript 6) Released Want to keep up with work on the ECMAScript 6 spec? The latest working draft was released yesterday and is available here in PDF and DOC formats.
Underscore.js 1.4.0 Released: Many New Functions The popular 'utility belt' library (most frequently used alongside Backbone) gets a big update. New functions include countBy, pairs, invert, where, omit, and random.
JavasScript-Conference, October 15-16 in Dusseldorf, Germany
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Partial Application in JavaScript Ben Alman presents a straightforward introduction to partial application and currying, as are popular in functional languages, using simple JavaScript examples.
Control the Complexity of Your JavaScript Functions with JSHint Elijah Manor shows off some recently new options available on the JSHint code quality checking tool and explains why they're useful.
Unobtrusive JavaScript Jason Moon ponders what 'unobstrusive' really means nowadays and comes up with some examples.
CSS3 vs jQuery Animations On the Dev.Opera blog, Siddharth Rao looks at how to create animations using jQuery or CSS3 and how the approaches perform against each other.
Grokking V8 Closures for Fun (and Profit?)
Building a IRC Notification Bot with Node.js A lot simpler than you'd think thanks to leaning on the handy 'irc' module.
Use JavaScript Code in Your Dart Apps The Dart language team have produced a JavaScript-Dart interop library, a key milestone for the project.
How to Get Node.js Working on the Raspberry Pi Want to do some JavaScript development on the popular $25 single board computer? Here are some instructions to try (it's not simple but nothing is on the Pi!)
Node.js Is Taking Over The Enterprise (Whether You Like It or Not)
Introduction to Backbone.js Nick Gauthier presents a comprehensive 90 minute introduction to Backbone going from the absolute basics to building an app. Audio quality not great but otherwise superb for free.
Code and Libraries
Fokus: Emphasized Text-highlighting Using JavaScript Emphasizes anything you select by covering the rest of the page with semi-transparent black. An interesting effect from the always interesting Hakim El Hattab.
Node v0.8.11 (Stable) Released: Minor Bugfix Release
PhantomJS 1.7 Released PhantomJS is a headless WebKit browser with a JavaScript API, ideal for automated testing, SVG rendering, etc. Version 1.7 adds module support, better cookie handling, and additional input events.
Ejecta: Fast JavaScript, Canvas + Audio Implementation for iOS Billing itself as a 'Browser without the Browser', Ejecta is specifically aimed at running HTML5-based games and animations fast on the iOS platform.
string.js: Extra String Methods for JavaScript Comes as a Node module (but can be used in the browser) and gives you a ton of features, including whitespace collapsing, content querying, camel casing, CSV parsing, and conversion.
easystarjs: A JavaScript A* Pathfinding library. A* is an algorithm that's useful in game development for finding the shortest path between two points.
JavaScript Sound Synthesis and Audio Encoding With RiffWave riffwave.js is a small JS library that encodes audio data in a way that can be used to play synthesized sounds using the HTML5 audio element.
Hapi: Node.js HTTP API Server Framework A configuration-centric framework that enables developers to focus on writing reusable business logic with auth, validation, caching and pre-fetching, docs, and other key features coming out-of-the-box.
Verimail.js: E-mail Validation and Verification Library Helps you prevent accepting email addresses that could fail due to common typos, invalid domains / TLDs, use of temporary account domains, etc.
Pure JS and HTML5 Canvas Bilinear Image Interpolation
Backbone.js Custom Builds: A Modular Way to Get on Backbone
Rockstar JavaScript/HTML5 Developer (New York, NY) Undertone is looking for a rockstar JavaScript/HTML5 Developer to join our tech team and help develop the next big thing in video and rich media. If you have expert knowledge of JavaScript and 1+ years experience with HTML5 and CSS3 we want to hear from you. Email for details.
JavaScript Engineer at Pantheon (San Francisco)
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Last but not least..
Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins For Web Developers Smashing Magazine presents a two-post mega round up of useful JavaScript libraries and jQuery plugins in the way only Smashing Magazine can. Lots to scan through here.
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