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JavaScript Weekly Issue 99
October 5, 2012
This week Microsoft unveiled TypeScript, a new language that compiles to JavaScript, a la CoffeeScript. It has caught the imagination of many (for good and bad!) so this issue includes a once-off section for it so you can skip it if necessary ;-). As always, Peter.
TypeScript: Microsoft's New Language that Compiles to JavaScript A new statically typed superset of JavaScript for 'application-scale' JavaScript development that compiles to regular JavaScript for use across multiple platforms and browsers.
NetBeans 7.3 Beta Gains JavaScript Development Features NetBeans is a popular, open source, cross-platform multi-language IDE. Its forthcoming release is now in beta and includes JavaScript and HTML5 development features including a JS debugger, embedded WebKit browser and Chrome integration.
jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Released Introduces a new popup widget, list autodividers, a 'flat' visual style for read-only lists, collapsible lists, jQuery 1.8 support, and a lot more, naturally.
Don't Initialize All the Things in jQuery.ready() appendTo's Elijah Manor warns us against the tempting folly of jamming all of our initialization code into a jQuery ready (or similar) function and shows off some alternatives.
Using || Instead of 'if': Is This Legal and Cross Browser Valid? Shenanigans with code like (typeof a != 'undefined') || (a = 0)
The Object-Resource Impedance Mismatch Ruben Verborgh asks 'What happens if we model the semantics of HTTP methods in JavaScript?'
Enyo Tutorial: Part 1 Part 1 dates from late September but part 2 is now out so there's much to gain from this Enyo (a JS app framework originally built by HP) tutorial series by Robert Kowalski over at Daily JS.
Testing JavaScript with PhantomJS and YUI Test
Building World-Ready Applications in JavaScript Becoming a Reality
Special Feature: Microsoft's TypeScript
TypeScript Support Now in Cloud9 The folks over at Cloud9, the cloud-based IDE, haven't missed a trick and have already rolled out TypeScript support.
Nicholas C Zakas' (In-Depth) Thoughts on TypeScript
The Google Dart Team Welcomes TypeScript
Microsoft TypeScript: the JavaScript we need, or a solution looking for a problem?
Is TypeScript gradually typed?
LibUV: How Node.js' Asynchronous IO Works Under the Hood At LXJS 2012, Node.js core committer Bert Belder gave a talk about libuv, the library Node uses to get cross-platform asynchronous IO. And if this sort of thing intrigues you, consider Marc's course (above).
d3.js Video Tutorial Series 'Mixtape' Ian Johnson presents a set of tutorials for the popular d3.js visualization toolkit in a rather novel style.
Code and Libraries
Doctest.js: The Humane JavaScript Test Framework A test runner and testing framework based upon Python's 'doctest' module that lets you use comments to determine test expectations. It also includes a feature to make async testing a (relative) breeze.
Why doctest.js is Better Than Python's 'doctest'
Acorn: Yet Another JavaScript Parser Marijn Haverbeke (author of Eloquent JavaScript) presents a new standalone JavaScript parser that has many similarities to the well established Esprima.
prettyCheckable: Checkbox and Radio Button jQuery Plugin A plugin for styling checkboxes and radio buttons. It comes with tons of options and an editable Photoshop file in case you want to do further customization.
ExtractValues: Simple Helper to Extract Values from a String A simple helper to extract values from a string based on a pattern. This could sound like regular expressions in disguise but you might appreciate the simpler interface.
DoppioVM: A JVM Written in CoffeeScript First linked in JSW #77, DoppioVM, a project to get Java running in the browser without any plug-ins, has done the rounds again this week.
SlideControl.js: jQuery Plugin for Custom 'Slider' Controls
pXY.js: Pixel Analysis for HTML5 Canvas
i8080-js: The Intel 8080 CPU Modelled in JavaScript
lazy-worker: Lazy Web Workers Only Work When Someone Is Watching
queue-flow: Chainable Logic Built On Queues in JavaScript
Front-End Developer CareZone is a small, well-funded startup that's defining how families communicate online. If filenames like really float your boat, come have a big impact and be our front-end developer.
JavaScript/HTML5 Developer (New York, NY) Undertone is looking for a JavaScript/HTML5 Developer to join our tech team and help develop the next big thing in video and rich media. If you have expert knowledge of JavaScript and 1+ years experience with HTML5 and CSS3 we want to hear from you. Email for details.
Front End UX Developer at Econsultancy (London, UK) We're looking for an experienced and talented Front End UX Developer who loves to create beautifully crafted websites to join our friendly little development team.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
Last but not least..
Tributary: Live Coding Environment for d3.js Visualizations Start writing some d3 code and watch elements come to life with each keystroke in a rather Bret Victor-esque 'Inventing on Principle' style.
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