— Remember how Angular 2 was going to use a TypeScript superset called ‘AtScript’? No longer. TypeScript has integrated the metadata annotation feature from AtScript and so Angular 2 will now be built in regular TypeScript.
Allen Pike
— An opinion piece on the proliferation of JavaScript frameworks and the rapidly changing nature of their ecosystems and the browser.
— Telerik has launched NativeScript, an open source toolset for building native mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone using JavaScript and CSS.
Red Gate Software
— Boost the performance of your .NET application with ANTS Performance Profiler. Get rich performance data on your code and database queries to find your application's bottleneck fast. Try ANTS Performance Profiler on your application now.
Mathias Bynens
— The grammar for identifiers has changed in ES6. Mathias looks at what’s different to ES5 and shows off some rather arcane Unicode based names.
— Angular core team members Brad Green and Igor Minar took to the stage to address recent concerns over Angular 2.0.
Mozilla Hacks
— The current state of asm.js or asm.js-esque optimizations in major browsers.
— You will work on cutting edge technologies used by millions of customers and encounter serious engineering challenges on HTML based UIs on devices like next generation set top boxes and TVs.
— TES USA, based in San Francisco, is built on a microservices architecture using Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and Docker. Over 50 million unique visitors come to our sites every month. If you want to be challenged and have real impact, we want to hear from you.
— Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an elite HTML5 developer. See if you have what it takes
S.​ Somasegar
— The official announcement of the collaboration between Microsoft and the Google Angular team.
Frontend Masters
— 2 workshops: getting started with JavaScript using all of JavaScript featuring topics like coercion isomorphic JS
Alexander Early
— Modulus is an easy to use Node.js hosting platform that lets you run your applications anywhere.
James Moore
— 25 minutes long and leaning on RethinkDB, Node/io.js, Koajs,, and Angular.
Godfrey Chan
— Looks really nice and source is available.
Formidable Labs
— A set of tools to manage inline styles on React elements. It gives you styling capabilities without CSS.