JavaScript Weekly
Issue 227 — April 10, 2015
Lots of interesting tidbits and bits of history in here. Click on the highlighted pieces of code to bring up the annotation.

A look at the foundations of different JS module strategies including creating them ad-hoc, or using CommonJS, AMD or ES6. Also shows how to get started with ES6 modules right now.
Tiago Romero Garcia

The latest in a long line of open source toolkits to let you build platform independent apps using C#.

Red Gate Software
Boost the performance of your .NET application with ANTS Performance Profiler. Get rich performance data on your code and database queries to find your application's bottleneck fast. Try ANTS Performance Profiler on your application now.
Red Gate Software   Sponsor

“What options do you have for using ECMAScript 6 today?” asks Axel Rauschmayer, before showing off transpilers, REPLs, module systems and more.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Basically does the opposite of Babel (a.k.a. 6to5).
Mohamad Mohebifar

Uses a Go-powered backend, with JavaScript for the frontend. Use their backend server or run up your own. All open source.
Peter Bengtsson

Lambda is an Amazon Web Service that runs JavaScript in response to events letting you create back-end services where compute resources are automatically engaged.
Ryan Brown


In Brief

The JS1k 2015 Winner: A Defender Clone news demo
A clone of the classic arcade shooter Defender in just 1023 bytes.
Keith Clark

AngularConnect, A European Angular Conference in London, Oct 20-21 news
Much of the official team will be there.

JS Testing Workshop Online with David Mosher and Justin Searls course
We are writing increasingly complex applications in JS in the browser and server-side. Learn how to test it all in JS.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

Practical TypeScript Development with Gulp and Sublime Text 3 tutorial
Peter Grman

Getting Started with Node.js and Mocha tutorial node
Igor Šarčević

Create a Browser-Based Photobooth with JavaScript, PHP and Twilio tutorial
Ricky Robinett

Understanding ECMAScript 6: Class and Inheritance tutorial

A Trick for Detecting Minified JavaScript Code 
Marius Schulz

Straightening Our Backbone: A Lesson in Event-Driven UI Development tutorial
Mixpanel Engineering

ST-JS: Strongly-Typed JavaScript via Java tools
‘Borrowing Java’s Syntax to write type-safe JavaScript’, ST-JS is essentially a Java to JavaScript transpiler.
Alexandru Craciun, Eyal Kaspi

Know JavaScript? Build Mobile Apps Using Your Web Skills. tools
AppBuilder combines the tools you need to build, test deploy mobile apps to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Telerik  Sponsor

10 Tools And Templates For Quality jQuery Mobile Development tools

10 JavaScript Diagram Drawing Libraries tools
Hamza Ed-Douibi

One Developer's First Impressions of Angular2 opinion
Minko Gechev

JavaScript Will Lead A Massive Shift in Enterprise Development opinion

angular-formly: JavaScript-Powered Forms for AngularJS code
Has some good docs too.

Cylon.js (JS Robotics Framework) 1.0 Released code
A JS robotics framework that works with devices on 35 platforms.

Markdownify: A Simple Markdown Editor jQuery Plugin code
With built-in Cloudinary-based image upload support. Uses CodeMirror behind the scenes.
Thibaut Assus

Babylon.js: A Framework for Building 3D Games with HTML5 and WebGL code

Numeric JavaScript: A Numerical Computation Library code
Not new (last commit was in 2012!) but supports a ton of operations relating to trig, matrices, logic, FFT, and more.
Sébastien Loisel

AngularJS-Boilerplate: Kickstart an Angular Project with Sass and Gulp Tasks code
Jozef Butko