JavaScript Weekly
Issue 247 — August 28, 2015
The Angular team answer some common questions and share their plans for incremental upgrades of existing Angular 1 apps to Angular 2.
Brad Green

Template strings are a new feature in ES6 to make working with string templates, multi-line strings, and interpolation easier.
Nicolas Bevacqua

requestIdleCallback is a new performance-oriented function for scheduling work to be performed when the user is idle, in order to keep pages fast and responsive.
Paul Lewis

At Raygun, we’re all about finding errors before they become a problem. So here’s a quick guide to JS Linters - how to use them and which one could be best for you, courtesy of Rick from Raygun.
Raygun   Sponsor

Some nice use cases and examples here that demystify the art of destructuring in ES6.
Nicolas Bevacqua

For creating sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications. The example is really smooth. Open source but with a commercial license.
Ian Lunn

An investigation into inserting a backdoor into JavaScript code by abusing a minifier (UglifyJS in this case).

Jason Orendorff concludes the popular ES6 In Depth series with a look at a dozen new ES6 features they didn’t get to cover in full.
Mozilla Hacks


In Brief

Building A Component-Based Web UI With Modern JavaScript Frameworks tutorial
Derick Bailey

10 Steps for Ramping into Ember.js Quickly tutorial
Atomic Spin

Logging Variables via an ES6 Tagged Template tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Easy Form Validation in AngularJS with ngMessages tutorial

A Guide to Vanilla Ajax without jQuery tutorial
The Fetch API is only going to make this simpler over time though.

6 Gulp Best Practices You Can Use Today to Improve Your Dev Experience tutorial

WebRTC Video Chat in 20 Lines of JavaScript tutorial
Uses PubNub for the background signalling.
Kevin Gleason

Is "Isomorphic JavaScript" A Good Term? opinion
Reflects on the isomorphic vs universal debate.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

React and Flux... and A Little Redux slidedeck
Chris Dolphin

Deis delivers freedom tools
Deploy anywhere with ease using Dockerfile, Docker Image, or 12 Factor Buildpacks. 100% Open Source.
Engine Yard   Sponsor

PM2: The Advanced Node.js Process Manager tools
Now has a newer, shinier web site.

A List of JavaScript WYSIWYG Editors tools code

The new .NET MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ‘Situation Critical’ 
Find out why ANTS Performance Profiler is the ultimate .NET profiler in a new online adventure. Read it now.
Red Gate Software   Sponsor

Smart Table Scroll: Build Fast 1 Million+ Row Tables with Native Scroll Bars code
Reuses and yields nodes on the fly to maintain the performance.
Chris Polis

ResizeEnd: A jQuery Plugin That Adds A 'Resize Complete' Event code
Erik Nielsen

Deep-Type: Validate JS Objects and Arrays using GraphQL-esque Syntax code
Benjamin Steephenson

jQuery Lightgallery: Customizable, Modular, Responsive, Lightbox Gallery Plugin code
Sachin N

randexp.js: Create Random Strings that Match a Given Regular Expression code

algebra.js: Build, Display, and Solve Algebraic Equations code
Nicole White