JavaScript Weekly
Issue 256 — October 30, 2015
You don’t need to upgrade your Angular 1 apps to Angular 2, but if you do, here are some insights and a process to follow.
Pascal Precht

Once known as solely an ES6-to-ES5 compiler, Babel is now a plugin-based general JavaScript tooling platform. This is a big shift.

From using GraphQL and WebGL with React, to Falcor and webpack.

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Thinkful   Sponsor

A good looking one though, and the live customizable demo on the homepage is a superb feature.
Victor Vincent

With 172k @JavaScriptDaily followers, we decided to test the new ‘poll’ feature. So far only 32% claim to be using ES6 for most of their work.

Not exactly new ground, but this article from Smashing Magazine provides a good, quick code-driven overview.
Lars Kappert

Mathias Bynens looks at the many problems related to Unicode in JavaScript regular expressions, how ES6 helps, and how to fix issues you run into.
JSConf EU 2015

A straightforward tutorial on compiling some simple C programs to JavaScript (on Windows 10 but OS X and Linux work similarly).

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