JavaScript Weekly
Issue 270 — February 12, 2016
The latest major version of Angular 1. Its main theme is to improve the upgrade path to Angular 2 for Angular 1.x-based developers.
Angular Team

The latest ECMAScript spec makes a compelling case for developing without heavy libraries or frameworks, says Andrew Rabon, but are we ready yet?
Andrew Rabon

Raymond Camden offers tips, techniques and tools that can improve your development skills for anyone learning JavaScript.
Telerik Developer Network

JSON Web Tokens are an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. Here you will learn everything about JWT and how to use them for authentication!
Auth0   Sponsor

It’s in alpha but Transcrypt is a Python to JS transpiler that implements much of Python 3.5 including support for multiple inheritance and comprehensions.
Jacques de Hooge

Gentle, well-presented 4 parter on functional JavaScript, starting from ‘why’.
James Sinclair

An excellent, free set of 14 bitesize videos giving a straightforward guide to contributing to a JavaScript-based GitHub project. Kent encourages you to link to this from your own projects’ README files for the benefit of others.
Kent C Dodds

TJ VanToll explores the growing usage of JavaScript outside the browser including for working on the server, mobile device apps and desktop apps.
Telerik Developer Network


  • TIDAL is looking for Front-End DevelopersDo you want to join the team responsible for building Our ambitions for the product are very high, and we want to strengthen the team with more skilled and highly motivated front-end developers. TIDAL
  • Frontend Developer at Backbase (Amsterdam)Being a Frontend Developer at Backbase gives you the opportunity of not only working with the newest technologies, but also mastering your leadership skills through implementing our product at our client’s offices. Travel the world; tickets/hotels are on us. Backbase
  • Frontend Architect (f/m) at (Berlin or Amsterdam)Are you that experienced frontend specialist that has come to take a bird’s eye view of your subject field? Can you bring structure, oversight and efficiency to an online leader’s frontend development? Then join us!

In Brief

Node 5.6.0, 4.3.0, 0.12.10, and 0.10.42 Released news node
Key vulnerability fixes included.
Rod Vagg

ReactHelp: Personal Chat About Your React.js Issues for 15 Minutes news
Want to text chat with a React developer? An interesting experiment here. (Note: This site changed name and became paid the day after we linked it.)

Babel 6.5.0 Released news tools
The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

Grunt 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1 Released news tools
Grunt is on the brink of a major milestone.

jQuery Mobile 1.5: It's Alive news

Master Closures by Reimplementing Them from Scratch tutorial
Jeff Mott

Tutorial: Build a React Application With User Authentication tutorial
Learn how to build a React application from scratch using the new Stormpath React SDK.
Stormpath  Sponsor

A Simple Webpack Tutorial / Walkthrough tutorial
Aria Fallah

A Look at Array.prototype.includes and a Polyfill tutorial
Marius Schulz

An Introduction to Ember for Angular Developers tutorial
David Tang

Lazy Loading Images with the Igaro App JavaScript Framework tutorial
Andrew Charnley

Create a Basic Loader with JavaScript Promises tutorial
David Walsh

A Closer Look at Angular's ngMessages Module tutorial
Thomas Greco

JavaScript Fatigue Fatigue opinion
Sound advice from Axel if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

The Allure of Scala.js opinion
Ramnivas Laddad

Why Java Developers Will Embrace Angular 2 and TypeScript opinion
“IMHO Angular 2 will make as big of an impact in the JavaScript community as Spring has in the Java world.”

Using WebWorkers to Make React Faster? opinion
React is faster when Virtual DOM reconciliations are done on a Web Worker thread, says the author.
Parashuram N

Deco: An IDE for React Native tools
Beta and you have to request access.
Deco Software Inc.

caco: Generator Based Control Flow That Supports Callbacks & Promises code
Adrian C Shum

BlueOak Server: An Express-Based Framework for Building RESTful APIs code node

redux-saga: Master Complex Redux Workflows with Sagas code tutorial
Brandon Konkle

angular2-autosize: Directive That Adjusts Textarea Height to Fit Content code
Steve Papadopoulos

beautify-text: Automated Typographic Quotation and Punctuation Marks code
Nicolas Bevacqua

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