JavaScript Weekly
Issue 275 — March 18, 2016
WebAssembly is a new low level bytecode and runtime, acting as a compilation target for Web use. Experimental support is now available in V8 and Chromium behind a flag.
Seth Thompson

Brad Green’s keynote from Fluent on how new techniques are making it easy to use advanced browser features like Web Workers, HTTP/2, and service workers. Note: X to skip the login wall.
O'Reilly Media

Before promises, jQuery had (and still has) its own similar mechanism: deferred objects. Here’s a look at how they work and how they’re evolving.
Aurelio De Rosa
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This is not a casual read (get coffee) - it digs deep, but you’ll learn some cool stuff about functional programming concepts.
Chet Corcos

Flexible, works well with HTML/XML import and export, supports custom HTML rendering by writing components. Mature and used in several products.
Substance Software GmbH

A talk from Steve McGuire of Netflix on how they’ve built a high performance and completely declarative UI for living room use using React.

A controversial insight? “By building the library from the ground up with types, you make clear what are the constraints and preconditions of your API.”
André Staltz

A tweet inspired a closer look at the single piece of JavaScript on HN.
Gordon Zhu


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In Brief A JavaScript Conference in Belgium 2016 (May 3) news
JSConf Belgium

ReactJS Webinar: Migrate from Web 2.0 jQuery Soup to Reusable React Components news
Take a look at the critical concepts needed to move your rich jQuery components to React reusable components. Achieve the same functionality, plus achieve additional benefits like managing application state.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor

A Few New Developer-Facing Features in V8 5.0 news
Will be coming in Chrome 50 Stable soon.

Marko v3: A Templating Engine and UI Component Building Library news tools

Animating with React, Redux, and d3 tutorial
Swizec Teller

6 Ways to Bind JavaScript's this Keyword in React, ES6 and ES7 tutorial
Dan Prince

How to Install Multiple Versions of Node.js using nvm tutorial node

Three Ways to Reverse a String in JavaScript tutorial
Sonya Moisset

Thoughts On Thunks tutorial
“an eager async thunk is basically an early predecessor to promises”
Kyle Simpson

On Being Overwhelmed and Approaching The Ever-Changing JS Ecosystem video

A Look at RxJS Version 5 video
Ben Lesh, a senior UI engineer at Netflix, explains all.

The Path to JavaScript Next (at eBay) opinion
A brief, high level look at how eBay adopted ES6 into their huge ecosystem of development projects.
eBay Tech Blog

The Deep Roots of JavaScript Fatigue opinion
Calvin French-Owen

Why I Write Plain JavaScript Modules opinion
We linked this ages ago but it's doing the rounds again - it's good.
Nicolas Bevacqua

AVA: A 'Futuristic' Concurrent Test Runner tools code
Runs tests concurrently to take advantage of Node’s async nature. Supports ES6, promises, generators, and more.
Sindre Sorhus

JavaScript Speech Recognition (without using browser APIs) code
Actually analyzes sound and lets you train it with new sounds or words.
Dominic Winkelman

tonal: A Functional Music Theory Library code
Manipulate pitches, chords, scales, keys, etc.

spotifyCurrentlyPlaying.js: Share What You're Playing, On Your Site code
Kyle Brumm

Force.js: The Easy Way to Scroll and Animate Your Page code
Multiple easing functions, tries to use CSS transitions by default but falls back.
Rene Tanczos

D3 Calendar Heatmap: Represent Time Series Data (a la GitHub Contrib Chart) code
Darragh Kirwan

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
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