JavaScript Weekly
Issue 291 — July 7, 2016

Next Tuesday at 2pm ET, we're running a live webcast on building better CLI tools with Node if you want to come along :-)

Kent C. Dodds covers the history of JavaScript modules before looking at how the ES6 standard handles them and how they work in practice.
Kent C. Dodds

Learn how to build an Angular 2 ‘To Do’ list CRUD app using Angular CLI to generate components, services, and tests.
Todd Motto

A look at a subtle change in jQuery 3 that could cause you headaches when debugging: exceptions within the document ready callback are now swallowed.
Christian Schlensker

Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all JavaScript application errors.
Rollbar   Sponsor

A major release of the popular JavaScript linting tool, including a handful of breaking changes.
jQuery Foundation

If you missed this last year and if you’ve not got your head into React yet, enjoy this extensive introduction complete with interactive code boxes.
Shusaku Uesugi

A walkthrough of creating a tic-tac-toe game using Horizon, a realtime-focused RethinkDB-based backend for mobile-based JavaScript apps.
Wern Ancheta


  • Front-End Engineer - New York, Seattle and London.Are you a world-class front-end engineer interested in working on high-performance platforms and tools using the latest Javascript tech stack? Help us build next-generation products in the advertising division. AMAZON
  • Tech Lead/Senior Engineer at Red Badger (London)We’re looking for a passionate and experienced engineer to join our lean, agile & tech-loving team. This role includes getting your hands dirty in the code on a daily basis with a huge range of benefits. Apply here. Red Badger
  • JavaScript Developer at Evolution GamingWe are looking for a senior developer who would be ready to shape the future and accomplish challenging tasks, e.g., migrating stateful legacy components to functional React-Redux ones and modularising CSS with the help of css-modules.  Evolution Gaming

In Brief

Safari Technology Preview Release 8 Achieves 100% ES6 Support news

webpack is Growing; Gets A Core Team; Seeks Extra Maintainers news
Tobias Koppers

Part how-to, part show tell, totally amazing: npm’s first conference news
npm’s not just Node. Meet cool folks building amazing things with the world’s largest software repository…
npmCamp: July 30 in Oakland  Sponsor

Writing an Angular 2 App in ES5 (In Case You Have To) tutorial
Lukas Ruebbelke

Build a Hybrid Mobile App with Angular 2 and Ionic 2 tutorial
A very thorough walkthrough.
Ganga Chris

ES5 Objects Vs. ES6 Maps: Differences and Similarities tutorial
Kurt Cagle

Using the MVC Pattern For Building Three.js Applications tutorial
Lucas Majerowicz

Beyond 'Console' Debugging Tricks tutorial
Daniel Reis

Borrowing Methods in JavaScript tutorial
David Shariff

A Primer on the React Ecosystem tutorial
Nitin Punjabi

Composable SQL in JavaScript tutorial
A look at using SQL queries in conjunction with Functors to create reusable querying systems.
Gal Schlezinger

ES6 for Humans: A Simple, Code-Driven Overview tutorial
Deepak Grover

7 Surprising JavaScript 'Features' tutorial
A golden oldie worth revisiting.
Luke Page

3 Splendid JavaScript Debugging Tips video

Racket: Generators, Best Practices + Starting App for Developing Universal React/Redux Webapps tools node
Mohamad Mohebifar

10 jQuery File Upload Plugins tools
Julian Motz

ZingTouch: A JavaScript Mobile Gesture Detection Library code

Iterall: Minimal No-Dependency Utilities for using Iterables in JS Environments code
Lee Byron

RBush: High-Perf R-Tree-Based 2D Spatial Index for Points and Rectangles code
Vladimir Agafonkin

Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator demo
A beautiful piece of work that leans on Tone.js.

DreamFactory 2.2 released, includes important API changes 
Our API automation platform keeps getting better with new streamlined commercial packages.
DreamFactory  Sponsor