JavaScript Weekly
Issue 335 — May 19, 2017
A look at a variety of syntactic forms for functions in JavaScript (e.g. arrow functions, generators). Stuff worth being familiar with.
Leo Balter and Rick Waldron

Lin Clark explains what exactly WebAssembly is, and what makes it fast.
Smashing Magazine


“We can fix bugs in 30 minutes instead of 2 days. Our customers hardly see any bugs because we fix them right away.” Cut through front-end noise so you can efficiently assess the impact of your errors with Bugsnag. Try it free.
Bugsnag   Sponsor

This introduction to his series of functional programming posts highlights the importance of building software in a composable way. “A software developer who doesn’t understand composition is like a home builder who doesn’t know about bolts or nails.”
Eric Elliott

A proposed format similar to RSS and Atom but in JSON. See the spec here.
Manton Reece and Brent Simmons

Another talk from JSConf EU covers the basic concepts of compilers, challenges posed by modern JS, and how to write compiler-friendly JavaScript. (25 minutes).
Franziska Hinkelmann

With yarn create, you’ll be able to start building apps more quickly, e.g. with yarn create react-app app-name.
Maël Nison


In Brief

Polymer 2.0 Released: The Web Components Library news
Now with support for ES6 class-based syntax.
Wendy Ginsberg

jQuery Mobile 1.5.0 Alpha 1 Released news
jQuery Foundation

ForwardJS Tickets on sale today news
Attend full-day hands-on React workshops and dozens of talks at ForwardJS San Francisco this July.
ForwardJS  Sponsor

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js tutorial
Starting points and resources for upping your D3 game.
Ian Johnson

json-api-normalizer: An Easy Way To Integrate the JSON API and Redux tutorial
Yury Dymov

Data Driven Vue.js: Creating Data-Driven Components with Vue tutorial
Darren Jennings

ES Proposal: RegExp Lookbehind Assertions tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Building a Full-Sphere 3D Image Gallery with React VR tutorial

3 Ways to Reduce Webpack Bundle Size tutorial
Jakob Lind

Analyzing React’s Source Code for Type Mismatch Operations tutorial
Using a Babel plugin called Runtyper.
Vitaliy Potapov

Optimizing AWS Lambda performance with MongoDB Atlas and Node.js 
See the performance implications of using Lambda functions with a database-as-a-service like MongoDB Atlas.
MONGODB  Sponsor

Using Test Driven Development To Write A Function (in 3 Minutes) video
Kent C. Dodds

Martinet: A Simplified Build System Based on Webpack 2 tools
For building static sites or single page apps.

Godzilla: An ES2015 to Go(lang) Source Code Transpiler and Runtime tools
A bit of an opposite to GopherJS.
Jingwen Owen Ou

Rltm.js: A Universal API for Realtime Services tools
PubNub  Sponsor

LambStatus: A Serverless Status Page System code
A server status page system built for use on AWS Lambda.
Kishin Yagami

react-pdf: Create PDF Files using React code
In browser or on the server. More like this in today’s React newsletter.
Diego Muracciole

Delaunator: A Fast JS Library for Delaunay Triangulation of 2D Points code

RxDB 4.0: A Reactive Client-Side Offline-First JavaScript Database code

Stanchion: Priority Levels For Your App's Network Requests code
An app-aware network queue where requests are dispatched based on an assigned priority.
Alexander Wang

P.S. And in this week's React newsletter, great stuff including What's New in Create React App and how to build a microservice with Node, React and Docker.