JavaScript Weekly
Issue 338 — June 9, 2017
Both Flow and TypeScript can bring type checking to your code. This post falls in favor of Flow, a TypeScript PM posted a rebuttal on Reddit.
James Kyle

Where do functions, classes, and objects fit into the big picture of writing simpler code that’s easy to maintain?
Kent C. Dodds

An exercise in porting a JavaScript library to WebAssembly (wasm) - perfect for those wanting more than a Hello World introduction.
Maxime Rouyrre

Frontend Masters
Learn from Todd Gardner (Co-founder of TrackJS) on Debugging and Fixing Common JavaScript Errors. In this course, you’ll be armed to find and squash JS bugs faster, and for good. — Free until June 26.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Private class fields (denoted as such: this.#x) are now at stage 2 in TC39’s standard process. Here’s a look at why they’re important and what they could mean for JavaScript.
James Kyle

A fork of C3.js focusing on ease of use and working with the latest D3. There are over 80 examples here.
Naver Corp

Jurgen Van de Moere takes an existing Angular 2+ app and adds a REST API service. Learn about RxJS observables and how to mock HTTP services for testing.

ARES-6 measures the execution time of JavaScript’s newest features. This post digs deep on it and is very much for the more technical reader.


In Brief

JavaScript Decorators: What They Are and When to Use Them tutorial

Getting Started with Preact: A Step By Step Guide tutorial
A fast, tiny alternative to React with the same ES6 API.
Bilal Budhani

Functional Mixins tutorial
The latest in Eric Elliott’s popular functional programming series.
Eric Elliott

An Annotated React 'To Do' App Example tutorial
A good opportunity to show, simply, how React works.
Samer Buna

An Intro to Web Components (with Otters) tutorial
An introduction for absolute beginners.
Monica Dinculescu

A Look at Node 8's util.promisify() tutorial
util.promisify converts a callback-based function to a Promise-based one.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

JavaScript Power Tools: Real-World 'redux-saga' Patterns tutorial
Matt Hink

A Beginner's Guide to npm, the Node Package Manager tutorial
Updated for npm 5.0’s recent release.
Michael Wanyoike and Peter Dierx

From Node 6 to Node 8: A Real-World Performance Comparison opinion
Hacker Noon

What's The Best Current Book to Learn JavaScript? opinion
Hacker News

Use AngularJS to Build a Fast and Secure Chat App tools
PubNub gets your data anywhere in <0.25 seconds. It’s so easy with PubNub’s Angular library.
PubNub  Sponsor

npm 5.0.2 and npm Gets A New 'Canary' Release tools
npm i -g npmc gets you a canary release as a separate npmc binary.
The npm Blog

Synt: Find Similar Functions and Classes in JS and TypeScript Code tools
Brent Lintner

It’s easy to version control your database alongside your application tools
Connect your database to your version control system with SQL Source Control and keep track of every change.
Red Gate  Sponsor

Elsa: Babel Plugin Replacing Object/Array Literals with Immutables code
Jon Abrams

Sinergia: Run Expensive Tasks Cooperatively via ES6 Generators code
Jiayi Hu

angular-xeditable: In-Place Editing for Angular code
Vitaliy Potapov

Wiretie: A Higher Order Component for Preact for Wiring Up Data Sources code

Browsers Aren't the Only UI – Mobile Apps, Amazon Alexa, Cloud Services tutorial
Mongo DB  Sponsor