JavaScript Weekly
Issue 359 — November 3, 2017
A major release for the popular framework containing new features and bugfixes. Full changelog here.
Stephen Fluin

Clear code is easier to read, understand, and modify, and it’s easier to achieve once you’ve mastered a few key principles.
Brandon Gregory

Frontend Masters
Join Kyle Simpson, author of the popular “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, as he deep dives into JavaScript's core mechanics like scope, closure, this and prototypes new features in ES6 and more.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

A new zero-dependency chart library with elegant, responsive SVG output. Offers bar, line, and GitHub-style heatmap options so far.
Prateeksha Singh

Node 8 becomes “ready for production” as it becomes the de factor LTS release version (as of Node 8.9.0). Node 9.0 (release notes) is also out and becomes the new ‘current’ release line with the latest features.
Node.js Foundation

The JavaScript superset that adds optional static types gets a variety of new features aimed at established users.

Ever wish you could just plug a React component into your Vue project or vice-versa? This tutorial shows you how.
Joseph Rex


In Brief

Removing Client-Side React.js Yielded A 50% Performance Improvement news
Netflix UI Engineers on Twitter

Announcing Assert(js) – An All JavaScript Testing Conference news
A one-day, single-track conference with a laser focus on JavaScript testing for developers - both UI and Node.js.
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How to Use Arrow Functions to Improve Your JavaScript tutorial
Tyler McGinnis

flow-runtime: A Runtime Type System with Flow Compatibility tutorial
A look at a Babel plugin that transpiles Flow type annotations into runtime checks.
Gajus Kuizinas

Testing HTTP Requests in Angular Has Never Been Easier tutorial
Gábor Soós

Tracing Method Calls via Proxies tutorial
Axel Rauschmayer

Emulating CSS Timing Functions with JavaScript tutorial
Ana Tudor

Logging in Angular 2+ with ErrorHandler tutorial
ROLLBAR  Sponsor

Refactoring an Old Node Library to using async/await with TDD tutorial
Tane Piper

Why ES6's Default Arguments Are Awesome tutorial
Remy Sharp

Quickly Create Simple yet Powerful Angular Forms tutorial
Kaloyan Kolev

Build a Lazy-Load Router with Vue.js and the Latest Browser Features tutorial
Anthony Gore

Screen capture in Firefox tutorial
Get access to a media stream of the screen in Firefox with this code.
Twilio  Sponsor

My Search for The Perfect Universal JavaScript Framework story
Tal Bereznitskey

Implementing Super Mario Bros in JavaScript video

webpack-dashboard: A CLI Dashboard for Your Webpack Dev Server tools

Fable: An F# to JavaScript Compiler tools

Element 2.0 Released: A Vue 2.0-Based Component Library code
Yi Yang

tonal: A Functional Music Theory Library code
Manipulate pitches, chords, scales, keys, etc.