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Essential links, a React quick start guide, io.js 1.0, the problem with Angular, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 215 — January 16, 2015
A look at how ES6 avoids versioning using the ‘One JavaScript’ approach to adding new features.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

‘A very exclusive collection of only must-have JavaScript links’ I’ve been watching Eric Elliott carefully curate over the past couple of weeks. You’ll find something worthwhile in here.
Eric Elliott

A quick overview of how to build user interfaces in React JS with ‘just enough to get [..] started and nothing more.’
Jack Callister

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Since versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 launched a few days ago, you might be asking: what is io.js? How does it differ from Node and what are its aims? This is a very short and simple overview. (ES6 support is a big diff so far.)
Gergely Nemeth

A lengthy article by Peter-Paul Koch in which he shares his doubts over both Angular 1.x and 2.0.
Peter-Paul Koch

A look at why Promises in AngularJS and JavaScript are great to use. Yuri Takhteyev explains how embracing promises and treating them as a standard container for data can simplify your code organization.

Some history and an argument that we need to avoid monolithic frameworks and instead focus on clean component and library-based approaches in our front-end code.
Andy Walpole

Bringing together two Google backed technologies, the Polymer Web Components library and the new Android ‘Material Design’ styling.
Tomomi Imura

Brings together blessed (curses-like library) with drawille (Unicode braille character drawing library) to create terminal-based apps that support graphical dashboards, graphs, charts, etc. This is very cool.
Yaron Naveh

The Ember team are working on giving Ember.js developers the ability to run their apps in Node.js for initial page loads. This article covers progress on a key part of the functionality.
Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale


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