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ECMAScript 2015, a programming game, a tour of client-side testing, ES6 template strings, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 216 — January 23, 2015
An interesting thread on esdiscuss in which numerous well known JavaScript developers, including Brendan Eich, talk about ‘ECMAScript 2015’, the name for the spec formerly known as ES6. Brendan notes that ‘ES6 = ECMAScript 2015, ES7 = ECMAScript 2016, etc.’

An online programming game where you have to program an elevator system to transport people around a building. Be warned, this may steal an hour of your day - it did to me.
Magnus Wolffelt

Add Publish/Subscribe messaging to any JavaScript app in 5 simple steps. Get the Code.
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A look at the tools and processes involved in testing client-side JavaScript code. Covers things like Karma, DalekJS, PhantomJS, and Atomus.
Krasimir Tsonev

Nicolas Bevacqua cuts pretty deep into the internals of Angular’s scopes and how they work.
Smashing Magazine

A look at how Flux is different from MVC patterns, and how it can clean up web applications to make them faster and more maintainable with cleaner code.

Strings in JavaScript have been historically limited, lacking the capabilities one might expect coming from languages like Python or Ruby. ES6 Template Strings (available in Chrome 41+), fundamentally change that.
Addy Osmani


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