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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 219 — February 12, 2015
Axel takes a serious dive into how variables and scoping are handled in ES6, including mutability, hoisting, and the ominous sounding ‘temporal dead zone’.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Adds the ability for React components to render to an HTML5 Canvas rather than the DOM.

Angular core contributor David East gives an overview of what’s new in Angular and live codes a Angular2 ToDo app.

The new Stormpath Angularjs SDK makes it easy to implement token or user authentication in single page apps - securely and easily! Backend support for Node, Express & Java.
Stormpath   Sponsored

A simple look at how using promises can result in much nicer code when working with asynchronous concepts. It leans on the es6-promise library, a polyfill for ES6’s native promises construct.
Jack Franklin

The Pebble is a low-powered e-paper-based smartwatch.
Antriksh Yadav

Inspired by stats.js, this lets you see the current JS memory usage in realtime in Chrome (only). It could help you in detecting memory leaks.
Paul Irish

Joyent, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Fidelity, SAP and The Linux Foundation have come together to establish a formal open governance model for Node.


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