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Google's JS OOP optimizations, learn ES6 in your browser, server-side rendered apps, ReactConf takeaways + more
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 218 — February 6, 2015
A simple interactive course where you read through material then complete a code exercise on each page to progress. Seems a good way to pick up some ES6 if you’re not working with it yet.

A pretty good overview of React Native from someone who’s been able to play with it already (it’s not fully public yet). Includes some brief code examples and a video.
James Long

Turn static mockups into interactive prototypes and learn to experiment quickly with dynamic, native-feeling animations and interactions. Join us live online or in-person on February 20th!
Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Frontend Masters

JavaScript’s raconteur-extraordinaire Tom Dale clears up some misconceptions about server-side rendered JavaScript apps, particularly in the context of his work on Ember’s FastBoot.
Tom Dale

Google is working on optimizations for a stricter dialect of regular JS that you can mark with “use stricter”; so that one day in the future, V8 will run OO code even faster.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A pretty good summary of some of the takeaways to be aware of from the first annual React.js Conference that took place week at Facebook HQ.
Kevin Old

Things like avoiding typecasting, in-place string concatenation, and using Web Workers. Includes JSPerf test cases for each one.
Mahdi Dibaiee

Jonathan was initially confused by the often-associated-with-React 'Flux' architecture so once he figured it out, he's broken things down in an easier to understand way for everyone else.
Jonathan Creamer


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