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Issue 222 — March 6, 2015
Remember how Angular 2 was going to use a TypeScript superset called ‘AtScript’? No longer. TypeScript has integrated the metadata annotation feature from AtScript and so Angular 2 will now be built in regular TypeScript.

An opinion piece on the proliferation of JavaScript frameworks and the rapidly changing nature of their ecosystems and the browser.
Allen Pike

Telerik has launched NativeScript, an open source toolset for building native mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone using JavaScript and CSS.

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The grammar for identifiers has changed in ES6. Mathias looks at what’s different to ES5 and shows off some rather arcane Unicode based names.
Mathias Bynens

Angular core team members Brad Green and Igor Minar took to the stage to address recent concerns over Angular 2.0.

The current state of asm.js or asm.js-esque optimizations in major browsers.
Mozilla Hacks


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