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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 227 — April 10, 2015
Lots of interesting tidbits and bits of history in here. Click on the highlighted pieces of code to bring up the annotation.

A look at the foundations of different JS module strategies including creating them ad-hoc, or using CommonJS, AMD or ES6. Also shows how to get started with ES6 modules right now.
Tiago Romero Garcia

The latest in a long line of open source toolkits to let you build platform independent apps using C#.

Boost the performance of your .NET application with ANTS Performance Profiler. Get rich performance data on your code and database queries to find your application's bottleneck fast. Try ANTS Performance Profiler on your application now.
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Red Gate Software

“What options do you have for using ECMAScript 6 today?” asks Axel Rauschmayer, before showing off transpilers, REPLs, module systems and more.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Basically does the opposite of Babel (a.k.a. 6to5).
Mohamad Mohebifar

Uses a Go-powered backend, with JavaScript for the frontend. Use their backend server or run up your own. All open source.
Peter Bengtsson

Lambda is an Amazon Web Service that runs JavaScript in response to events letting you create back-end services where compute resources are automatically engaged.
Ryan Brown


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