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Issue 226 — April 3, 2015
TJ VanToll on the importance of the TypeScript + AngularJS announcement and why TypeScript may finally break through to the mainstream as a compile to JavaScript solution.
Telerik Developer Network

A code-example-only reference to 34 key differences in, or features of, ES6.
Ralf S. Engelschall

Babel, the ES6+ to ES5 transpiler, now includes some React optimizations, and three new ES7 proposals: decorators, class properties, and export extensions. If you want to work with the future of JavaScript today, Babel is a great option.
Sebastian McKenzie

Learning how to build and manage async programs is perhaps the most important part of becoming an effective JavaScript programmer. Use familiar Array methods to create surprisingly expressive async programs.
Come join Jafar Husain on April 18th & 19th to learn async JS!
Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Frontend Masters

Their ES5 version has been popular, but now they have an ES6 version too.

A Google Doc outlining the objectives and design approaches of the rendering architecture coming in the under-development Angular 2.

A cross-platform, open source command line tool for rapid prototyping. Monitors changes in files, then preprocesses, compiles, bundles, and reloads.
Casper Beyer

The third free interactive AngularJS course we’ve linked in as many issues, but this time from Codecademy. This focuses on Angular 1.x.


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