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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 229 — April 24, 2015

A slightly smaller issue than usual as I've been in San Francisco running O'Reilly Fluent - the good news is two great talks are already available and linked below :-) Back to full steam next week.
- Peter Cooper

Brendan Eich’s keynote from this year’s Fluent conference dug into the growing compile-to-JavaScript ecosystem and Brendan pondered whether there’s anything JavaScript can’t do.

A both thoughtful and entertaining keynote from lexicographer and linguist Erin McKean on JavaScript’s relationship to natural languages.

Flux introduces a one-way data flow architecture that helps developers and teams reason about the way data moves through their applications.
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Frontend Masters

“If you don’t understand prototypes, you don’t understand JavaScript,” says Eric Elliott.
Eric Elliott

An interesting slide deck (make sure you navigate it properly - it’s two dimensional) that covers 13 ‘code smells’ with an example, rationale, and a resolution.
Elijah Manor

A JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverages the official Unicode CLDR JSON data.
Official jQuery Blog

This week's Node Weekly was packed with great stuff, so if you didn't know it existed or are now moving into working with Node or io.js, check it out - we put a lot of great Node stuff there instead of here now.
Node Weekly


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