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Happy birthday JavaScript, 20 years old this month
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 230 — May 1, 2015

We're planning a bigger feature on this soon, but it was 20 years ago this month that Brendan Eich created JavaScript (then codenamed Mocha) in just 10 days, leading to its eventual release as LiveScript in Netscape Navigator 2.0. Congratulations go not just to Brendan but the entire JavaScript scene and all it has produced over 20 amazing years for the Web and its role in our daily lives.
- Peter Cooper

ES6’s for (.. of ..) loop finally resolves some of the quirks with the alternatives when it comes to iterating over array elements.
Mozilla Hacks

A nuts and bolts introduction to getting up and running with a basic electronics experiment on the Spark platform along with Node.
Sayanee Basu

An interesting 9 minute interview with an expert JavaScript trainer.

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A new router for Angular 2 is currently being built, but it will also be back-ported to Angular 1.4, so it’s worth checking out.

Vorlon.js helps you remotely load, inspect, test and debug JavaScript code running on any device with a browser. There’s also an article about why MS created it.

Another week, another framework, but this one looks pretty good and boasts of being incredibly modular and faster than React and Angular too.


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