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Issue 237 — June 19, 2015
Incredible write up, complete with code and graphics, of what went into using modern Web tech to build a guitar tuner.
Paul Lewis

Cross-browser work has begun on WebAssembly, a new intermediate representation for safe code on the Web. This is a huge step.
Brendan Eich

Want to submit something for JavaScript Weekly? JS Live is our new place where you can post links, tutorials, and all things JavaScript related. You can also use browse tags to get look back at ES6 news, React news & more :-)
JS Live

Modulus is the easiest place to deploy your Node and MongoDB applications. The platform is built for developers, by developers. You can now run PHP and Java alongside your Node.js too. Sign up and get started for free.
Modulus   Sponsored

“Ecma International has announced the approval of ECMA-262 6th edition, the Language Specification of ECMAScript 6 (ES6), a.k.a. ECMAScript 2015.” The PDF of the spec is available if you need some bedtime reading.

A proposal for adopting a better term than ‘isomorphic’ for code that crosses the front-end/back-end divide.
Michael Jackson

Axel explains WebAssembly in his typically efficient, easy to understand style.
Axel Rauschmayer

Aimed at people familiar with Angular but not yet unit testing their apps.
Pablo Villoslada Puigcerber

A look at creating a model to visualize Braess’s paradox, an explanation for how improving a road can make traffic worse.
Brian Hayes


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