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Learn ES6 via katas, JS in a picture, navigating the React ecosystem, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 238 — June 26, 2015
If you’re like me and learn best by ‘doing’, you might enjoy this collection of browser-based ES6 ‘katas’ to get you using ES6’s new features.

A graph that shows off JavaScript’s syntax, identifiers, operators, and more in a single image. There's also a PDF you could print out.

An extensive article that looks at React from the context of the other tools and technologies it uses or works with (e.g. ES6 features, Webpack, Node, Flux).
Tomas Holas

Modulus is the easiest place to deploy your Node and MongoDB applications. The platform is built for developers, by developers. You can now run PHP and Java alongside your Node.js too. Sign up and get started for free.
Modulus   Sponsored

A code linter for programmatically enforcing your own definable style guide.

A look at the state of the ever growing JavaScript-oriented build tool ecosystem, focusing on Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli and Brunch.
Jeff Walker

If you’ve not quite got your head around the concept of transclusion in Agular, there’s a lot on offer here including embedded examples.
Tero Parviainen

A step by step tutorial on setting up a Node and Express-based app on an Amazon EC2 server using Docker.
Vishal Kumar

A surprisingly deep analysis of Angular’s expression functionality from a security point of view.
Isaac Dawson


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