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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 241 — July 17, 2015
A GitHub-hosted online book about functional programming and related concepts in general, but leaning on JavaScript to make all of its points. One for the weekend.
Brian Lonsdorf

If you want to upgrade, it’s time to test. 3.0 introduces many changes, particularly in how show() and hide() work. Animations now use requestAnimationFrame, error cases no longer silently fail, jQuery.Deferred is now Promises/A+ compatible, and more.
Official jQuery Blog

As the beta version of Angular 2.0 approaches a transition plan for your current Angular 1.x efforts is essential. Our blog and webinar answer critical questions to ensure your apps are written to minimize effort and risk when migrating to Angular 2.   Sponsored

Google has released Polymer 1.0 but it’s incompatible with 0.5, so if you want to upgrade an existing app, you need to take care.

It’s renderer agnostic with the same API able to draw against multiple contexts: SVG, Canvas or WebGL.

A quick tour through the world of for-of vs for-in, laziness, infinite iteration, and generators.
Alex Gorbatchev


  • Traction Software Engineer, Pixar Animation Studio (Emeryville, CA)Pixar Animation Studio’s Production Software team is looking for an experienced (3+ years) front-end Web developer open to working on the back-end too. Bring your JavaScript experiences to movie-making!
  • N4JS Software Engineer Hybrid Apps at NumberFour (Berlin, Germany)Challenge yourself. Use our statically-typed JavaScript dialect along with your web skills to help build a large-scale application platform. Come join our international team in Berlin.
    NumberFour AG
  • Senior Frontend DeveloperHi, we are, the world’s largest community for fans to talk about pop culture. We are looking for a nice person who happens to be a Frontend Dev and enjoys building things using tools like React & Node.

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