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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 240 — July 10, 2015
A look at a feature proposed for ES7 (aka ES2016) that's often used in Python: decorators. They allow you to easily extend the behavior of a function without directly modifying it.
Addy Osmani

If you’ve still not got your head into React, this might be just what you need to get going. An extensive step by step introduction complete with interactive code boxes.
Shusaku Uesugi

A funny and only partly tongue in cheek comic/drawing demonstrating the ever growing complexity of the JavaScript tooling ecosystem.
Cube Drone

A short tutorial with code samples on how to build a collaborative music app that let’s users create, record, and sync beats across multiple browsers in realtime. View Tutorial
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Luke Page shows seven quirks in the JavaScript language, including some specific to ES6.

Arranges HTML5 documents and diagrams with constraint-based optimization techniques and works well with libraries like D3.js and svg.js.
Tim Dwyer

The JSHint team explain their standpoint on supporting new JavaScript features in their popular code quality tool.

Patrick Catanzariti shows how to create an augmented reality experience within the browser using Awe.js, a Three.js based library, and your device camera.


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