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The Angular 1 to 2 upgrade path, ES6 template strings, requestIdleCallback, linting, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 247 — August 28, 2015
The Angular team answer some common questions and share their plans for incremental upgrades of existing Angular 1 apps to Angular 2.
Brad Green

Template strings are a new feature in ES6 to make working with string templates, multi-line strings, and interpolation easier.
Nicolas Bevacqua

requestIdleCallback is a new performance-oriented function for scheduling work to be performed when the user is idle, in order to keep pages fast and responsive.
Paul Lewis

At Raygun, we’re all about finding errors before they become a problem. So here’s a quick guide to JS Linters - how to use them and which one could be best for you, courtesy of Rick from Raygun.
Raygun   Sponsored

Some nice use cases and examples here that demystify the art of destructuring in ES6.
Nicolas Bevacqua

For creating sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications. The example is really smooth. Open source but with a commercial license.
Ian Lunn

An investigation into inserting a backdoor into JavaScript code by abusing a minifier (UglifyJS in this case).

Jason Orendorff concludes the popular ES6 In Depth series with a look at a dozen new ES6 features they didn’t get to cover in full.
Mozilla Hacks


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