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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 248 — September 4, 2015
Peter Bengtsson of Mozilla looks at using the High Resolution Time API’s now() function for performance measurements.

A dive into ES6’s new ‘let’ and ‘const’ variable declaration features, how they work, and how ‘let’ operates within the dramatically named temporal dead zone.
Nicolas Bevacqua

Eric Elliott looks at the essential ingredients for unit tests and explains some of the art behind writing good unit tests first.
Eric Elliott

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The React team have released all new, fully rewritten developer tools for the popular library. All written in React themselves, Firefox support, full React Native support, and more.

There’s a demo here.
Kagami Hiiragi

An Angular 2 survey got 2100 responses. Opinions on tools and syntax usage were heavily divided, but most Angular 2 users are using TypeScript and WebStorm is the most popular editor.
AngularJS Blog

Falcor is a library from Netflix aiming to change the way webapps request and handle data.
Ryan Chenkie

Introduces a .tsx file extension with support for JSX inside of TypeScript files.


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