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Issue 252 — October 2, 2015

Somehow we have over 500 new subscribers this week, so welcome to you all! And a long overdue thanks to all readers. We're just shy of 90,000 subscribers now, in no small part thanks to you sharing and mentioning the newsletter, and it's much appreciated :-)
- Peter Cooper, Editor

An attempt to make it easy to copy text to the clipboard via JavaScript. Works in all major browsers, though with a workaround for Safari. Just 2KB too.
Zeno Rocha

In ES6, you can tweak how objects are treated in numerous situations by using several so-called ‘well known symbols’. Some intriguing stuff here.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

First there was Crockford’s JSLint, then the more configurable JSHint, then.. ESLint which its creator explains and demonstrates in full here.
Nicholas C Zakas

Raygun offers full stack support & detailed diagnostics that enable you to resolve errors fast. You can even contact effected users to let them know it’s sorted. Setup takes minutes, why not make this your most productive coffee break ever? Try Raygun free for 30 days.
Raygun   Sponsored

The creator of the popular Discourse forum software (which heavily uses Ember) finds Android isn’t keeping up with iOS’s JS performance leaps.
Jeff Atwood

A quick look at asynchronous code in JavaScript over time from ES5’s callbacks to ES6’s promises and on to ES7’s ‘async’ functions.
David Catuhe

Flux is a pattern for handling data in your application, initially focused on use with React. It can be tricky to understand though, so this guide explains it in a simple, visually-driven way.
Lin Clark

The latest in Nicolas’ dives into ES6’s features. This time promises get the full treatment. Well worth the read.
Nicolas Bevacqua


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