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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 251 — September 25, 2015
A series of 23 bitesize screencasts (the longest is 6 minutes) covering the process of building and releasing your own library, from setting up GitHub, through to unit testing, publishing with npm, and automatic releases.
Kent C. Dodds

A clever visual demonstration of how promises are processed, returned, and caught.
Nicolas Bevacqua

What’s an engine and what does it do? What steps do JavaScript engines take to run the code they’re given?
Jen Looper

Learn to improve the security of your SPAs using JWTs, HTTPS-only cookies, a CSRF token strategy & more!
Stormpath   Sponsored

In ES6 it’s a lot easier to check if a string starts, ends with, or includes certain text, and Unicode handling is a little more elegant.
Nicolas Bevacqua

A JavaScript library that provides a responsive CSS framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications.
David Walsh

“ECMAScript’s development has moved to GitHub and ECMAScript’s specification has moved from Word to Ecmarkup—a custom dialect of HTML”
Brian Terlson

If the number of technologies around modern React apps has put you off learning it, this might be the tonic for you.
James K Nelson

One of the most commonly used data structures has received a handful of improvements in ES6, including .find, .keys, .values, and .fill.
Nicolas Bevacqua


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