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Issue 284 — May 20, 2016
A great read from the renowned author of Refactoring where he reimplements an example from the book in ES6, and shows off four refactoring approaches.
Martin Fowler

A very extensive walkthrough of using ES6 to build a React component that uses the Google Maps API.
Ari Lerner

Packed with interesting features. Can parse English into syntax trees, conjugate verbs, replace elements of sentences, etc.
NLP Compromise

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Refactoring a legacy code base? Moritz Kröger shows you how to achieve maintainable JavaScript with tests, linting and modularization.
Moritz Kröger

Aurelio De Rosa explains how the command line API (as in DevTools) allows you to perform debugging tasks from the browser console.
Telerik Developer Network

Stable, major, minor, LTS - what does it all mean?
Myles Borins

Lebab - it’s the opposite of Babel.. get it? It’s not magic but tries its best to generate ES6 equivalents of ES5 patterns.
Mohamad Mohebifar

Built by the RethinkDB team, Horizon brings together RethinkDB and a toolkit for rapidly prototyping and deploying JavaScript apps into a single framework.


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