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Issue 285 — May 26, 2016

British and European readers.. next month, we have a 2 day workshop in London with Kyle Simpson (author of You Don't Know JS and this awesome talk) where he's covering ES6 and async JS techniques in depth. He'll also be doing some 2 hour introductory classes - leave your email here to get more info on those :-)

Dr. Axel shows off some tricks enabled by new features in ES6, such as enforcing mandatory function arguments and efficient value swapping.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

You’ll need several hours for this epic, thorough walkthrough of building a complete React app. No experience required.
Ari Lerner

Bend JavaScript to your will with your own Babel plugin (in this case adding immutable data by default to JS).
Dan Prince

At EmberConf, Tom Dale talked to Heroku about how Ember FastBoot is taking on native mobile apps, in the hopes of bringing back "the glory days for web technologies." Read More.
Heroku   Sponsored

“This is the same code we expect to release as the final version of jQuery 3.0 [..] When released, 3.0 will become the only version of jQuery.”
jQuery Foundation

“Is async..await our long-awaited white knight? Is it really the only future of async flow control programming in JavaScript?”
Kyle Simpson

The source for an online algorithm visualizer where you can more easily see how different JS-powered algorithms work.
Jason Park


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