JavaScript Weekly
Issue 192 — August 1, 2014
Marijn Haverbeke
Marijn Haverbeke’s much loved Eloquent JavaScript is back in a 2nd edition and, as before, free to read online. The print book will be out in November.
Marijn Haverbeke

When Ben Lewis began to use Angular he was keen to keep his TDD approach going but struggled to find many resources to help. Here, he presents a lot of advice and examples based on his efforts to maintain a good TDD workflow with Angular development.
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New Relic
Currently, 1.2m domains use the New Relic Browser monitoring tools to maintain a comprehensive overview of their browser page load times, throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors and Ajax timing. Find out how real-time insights help people build better performing software with New Relic.
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The latest in an ongoing series of posts about ES6 generators on David Walsh’s blog.
Kyle Simpson

The Web Alarms API provides access to a device’s alarm settings, the Presentation API helps you take advantage of secondary displays, and the Standby API lets you request a screen remain awake and avoid power-saving states.

Provides Sequence, Range, Repeat, Map, OrderedMap, Set and a sparse Vector by using lazy sequences and hash maps tries.


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In Brief

Towards PhantomJS 2 news
Ariya Hidayat

TJ Holowaychuk Passes Sponsorship of Express to StrongLoop news
More about this in this week's Node Weekly.

Swift for JavaScript Developers video
A 50 minute presentation with slides and written notes for Apple's new 'Swift' language.

Live Editing AngularJS Apps with Facebook Flo video
Mihai Valentin

Best Practices for Building Angular.js Apps without Browserify or Require.js tutorial

Testing Private Functions in JavaScript Modules tutorial
Jonah Kagan

React.js and How Does It Fit In With Everything Else? tutorial
Craig McKeachie

Building Applications for Firefox OS using AngularJS tutorial
Mozilla Hacks

Basic Inheritance with JavaScript Constructors tutorial
A Drip of JavaScript

Using ReactJS and KendoUI Together tutorial
Jim Cowart

Here's The Difference Between Polymer and Angular 

5 JavaScript APIs to Empower Your Mobile Web Pages 

Airbnb's JavaScript Style Guide code

Circliful: A jQuery Plugin Providing Animated Progress Circles code
Tyler Longren

jstinytest: Tiniest Simplest Unit Testing Library for JavaScript code
Joe Walnes

GHCJS: A Haskell to JavaScript Compiler code

overmind: Easy Module Isolation and Lazy Loading for Angular Apps code
Dave Geddes


Flux: Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces code
Architecture for React using a unidirectional data flow.

Ocrad.js: Optical Character Recognition in JavaScript code
Kevin Kwok

AniJS Studio: Easily Produce Animations and Interactions for Any Site  code
Dariel Noel

Powerful browser-based coding, front-end and back 
You may be surprised at just how powerful this web IDE is. Comprehensive code editing all integrated with a dedicated Ubuntu server for each project. Public projects are free.
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