JavaScript Weekly
Issue 193 — August 8, 2014
An extensive look at component-based webapp development, the benefits, and how to use existing component-oriented systems like Ember and React, as well as Web Components in the future.
Phil Leggetter

Todd looks at five ways you can optimize your Angular code to get better performance.
Todd Motto

TurboFan is a new, experimental optimizing compiler for Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. Ariya takes a quick look at it in its early form.
Ariya Hidayat

The “Shark Tank Effect” is well known—it’s the massive traffic explosion a small company’s site sees from an appearance on the show. Our site’s traffic ballooned from an average of 4,500 visitors per day to nearly 57,000 that Friday the show aired. Could your infrastructure handle this spike? Find out how ours did – we didn’t even need to use the Diamond Cutter.
Rackspace   Sponsor

Rick Waldron explores the process of adding syntax to Javascript by going through the process of designing a new exponentiation operator, which he has submitted to TC39 for consideration in ES7.
Rick Waldron

A reflection on and follow up to last month’s Why Web Components Aren’t Ready for Production… Yet.
T J VanToll


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In Brief

JetBrains Releases 'Early Access' Build of WebStorm 9 (JavaScript IDE) news

Book: "Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers" news
I've only flipped through it but it looks okay.
Packt Publishing

Connect JS: A 3-Track JavaScript Conference, Oct 17-18 in Atlanta, GA news

Writing a Web-based Spreadsheet in 99 Lines tutorial
Audrey Tang

Creating An Application With Sails.js, Angular.js and Require.js tutorial

Creating Custom D3 Directives in AngularJS tutorial
Steven Hall

The `delete` Operator in JavaScript tutorial
A Drip of JavaScript

Introduction to pixi.js (2D WebGL renderer with Canvas fallback) tutorial
Seth Vincent

Using JavaScript to create a GUID from a user’s browser information tutorial
Andy Walpole

Beat Detection Using JavaScript and the Web Audio API tutorial
Joe Sullivan

Autopolyfiller: Auto Generating Polyfills for JavaScript tutorial
Web Design Weekly

MeteorPad: A JSFiddle-esque Code Sandbox for Meteor tools

JogDial.js: A JavaScript Jog Dial Control code
Sean Oh

ngTagsInput: Tags (tagging) Input Directive for AngularJS code
Michael Benford

Retext: Extensible System for Analysing and Manipulating Natural Language code
Titus Wormer

JSNLog: Log JavaScript Client Side Events in Your (.NET) Server Side Logs code
Not exclusively .NET but appears to be its focus.
Matt Perdeck

basil.js: A Smart Persistence Layer Unifying localStorage, Cookies and Sessions code

jQuery Accordion: Responsive, CSS Powered 'Accordion' Plugin code

pretender: A Mock Server Library with A Nice Routing DSL code
Trek Glowacki

ZingChart: Beautiful, Big Data Friendly JavaScript Charting 
Discover the most feature-rich, fully customizable JavaScript charting library available used by start-ups and the Fortune 100 alike. Flexible licensing from free branded versions to OEM and no hidden 3rd-party code dependencies. Download today.
ZingChart  Sponsor