JavaScript Weekly
Issue 194 — August 15, 2014
Henrik Joreteg shares his opinions on the pros and cons of Angular.js, Ember, React, Polymer, and Backbone, as well as not using a framework at all. Heed Addy Osmani's advice for trying things for yourself too, of course.
Henrik Joreteg

Analyzes the plain objects of a JavaScript library by finding the relationships between the library entry point and objects/functions linked to it. Complete with visualizations of notable JavaScript libraries like jQuery and D3. Code here.
Mauricio Poppe

Frontend Masters
Aaron Frost, ES6 master, will give you a crash course on the changes JavaScript will see both on the client and server. He will also give you the tools you need to integrate ES6 into your projects.
Join us September 19th – attend online or in-person!
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

The folks at a Calgary JavaScript meetup discussed some of JavaScript’s quirks and oddities. Here, you can enjoy the original talk by David Luecke and Eric Kryski, as well as read a writeup of what they dug into.
David Luecke

Enables applications to store data locally while offline, then synchronize it with CouchDB and compatible servers when the application is back online.
Calvin Metcalf

Nicolas Bevacqua dives into the task of choosing a JavaScript Build System. He compares the big three: Grunt, Gulp and NPM and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each.
Modern Web


In Brief

V8 Intent to Implement: ES6 Classes news
“we believe now is the right time to proceed with ES6 classes’ implementation [in V8]”
blink-dev Raises $25M to Drive Rapid Adoption of Its JavaScript Framework news

The js13kGames HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition Has Begun news

CFP for BackboneConf 2014 is Open (Dec 15-16 in Cambridge, MA) news

Accelerate your Mobile (Web) Application with the GPU video
David Arel

Building A 7-Segment LED Digital Clock with Johnny-Five, Arduino and JavaScript tutorial

Rewriting 'Yo' in React and Firebase tutorial
David Chang

Angular's Isolate Scopes Explained tutorial
Alex Ford

The Many Ways To Use ngClass (the AngularJS directive) tutorial

Adding Clarity to Scope Inheritance in Angular tutorial
Jonathan Creamer

Auto Instance Via 'use strict' 
Andrea Giammarchi

jquery-aim: jQuery Plugin Which Guesses Which Element User Is Going to Be Hovered/Clicked code

gif.js: JavaScript GIF Encoding Library code
Uses typed arrays and web workers to render each frame in the background.
Johan Nordberg

Introducing Amygdala, A JavaScript REST Client code
Define your schema, API settings and you’re ready to go. Inspired by
Marco Louro

Unfluff: Automatic Web Page Content Extractor for Node.js code
Adam Geitgey

pjs: Pipeable JavaScript; Quickly Filter, Map, and Reduce From The Terminal code
Daniel St. Jules

promisify_require.js: Enhances RequireJS 'require' with the Promises API code
Anton Ivanov

DOM Comparator: JS Lib That Analyzes the Difference Between Two HTML Strings code
Himanshu Kapoor

Pegasus: Display Data Faster in Single Page Apps code
A small script that lets you load data while still loading other scripts.

Vide: jQuery Plugin for Easy Video Backgrounds code
Ilya Makarov

Announcing JS Error Reporting + AJAX Timing in New Relic 
Currently, 1.2m domains use the New Relic Browser monitoring tools to maintain a comprehensive overview of their browser page load times, throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors and Ajax timing. Find out how real-time insights help people build better performing software with New Relic.
New Relic  Sponsor