JavaScript Weekly
Issue 196 — August 29, 2014
Addy Osmani shows you how to master using the Chrome DevTools for effective memory management and tackle performance issues like memory leaks, frequent garbage collection pauses, and overall memory bloat.
Addy Osmani

Gilad Bracha (works on Dart at Google, and co-author of the Java language specification) looks at JavaScript’s role as a compilation target for other languages, what it needs to progress, how Dart and JavaScript relate, and more.

Frontend Masters
Dive into functional programming and see how to use abstract interfaces like Monads, Functors, Monoids and Applicatives. Prepare to change the way you write and think about JavaScript code forever...

Watch Brian Lonsdorf demo function composition in this free lesson.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

A web component library based loosely on the Custom Element spec that allows you to define behaviour for custom and existing elements using tag names, attribute names and class names.
Trey Shugart

A slidedeck by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer that updates on his previous work summarizing what’s going on with ECMAScript 6, the basis for JavaScript’s next big step forward. Includes code examples for almost every point.
Axel Rauschmayer

SVG-based and styled using CSS/Sass. Has a convention over configuration approach so you can get started quickly.
Gion Kunz

There are no tickets for next month’s JSConf.EU left except.. for 4 special tickets which will help them bring other deserving people to the event.


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In Brief

View jQuery and jQuery Live events in Firefox DevTools news
Michael Ratcliffe

Underscore.js 1.7.0 Released: The Functional Programming Helper Library news
For consistency and speed across browsers, Underscore now ignores numerous native array methods.
Jeremy Ashkenas

Ember 1.7.0 and 1.8 Beta Released news
Ember Blog

Unicode-Aware Regular Expressions in ES6 tutorial
Mathias Bynens

How I Built The One Page Scroll Plugin tutorial
A walkthrough of how Pete Rojwongsuriya built a jQuery plugin from scratch from initial design considerations through to finished plugin.
Smashing Magazine

Testing JS Code with CasperJS tutorial
Chris Ruppel

A Guide to Using jQuery's $.ajax() Function tutorial

Browserify and Gulp with React tutorial
A quick exploration of Browserify (lets you use Node-style modules in the browser), Gulp (the streaming build system), and React (a reusable web component library).
Mozilla Hacks

Creating a Flux App Step By Step tutorial
Flux is the application architecture that Facebook uses for building client-side webapps which eschews MVC in favor of a unidirectional data flow.
Nicola Paolucci

Simple Inheritance with JavaScript tutorial
An introduction to JavaScript’s prototype-based inheritance system aimed at C# and C++ developers.
David Catuhe

Enemy of the State: Handling State and Events in a Scalable and Maintainable Fashion video
Amy Palamountain

A Discussion on Socket.IO with Guillermo Rauch 
JavaScript Jabber

Black Box Driven Development in JavaScript 
Mozilla Hacks

The Confusion Around Ember Views and Components 
Ember Zone

React vs. Ember (slidedeck) 
Easy to follow and goes into a reasonable level of depth.
Alex Matchneer

C3.js: A D3-based Reusable Chart Library code
Be sure to check the examples.
Masayuki Tanaka

way.js: Persistent, Framework-Agnostic DOM-to-In-Memory-Datastore Binding code
Gwendall Esnault

Sweep.js: For Smooth Color Transitions Through The HSL and HUSL Spaces code
Riley Shaw

Cupertino.js: Compile JavaScript to Cocoa-based Objective C code
Jerry Marino

terra.js: A Framework for Cellular Automata and Similar Simulations code
Riley Shaw

Marilyn: A Client-side, Socket.IO-driven, Pub/Sub, Model Layer code
Designed to be framework agnostic.
Alan James

Slap: A Sublime-like Terminal-based Text Editor (written in Node) code
Dan Kaplun

Impulse: A Library for Building Dynamic Physics Based Interactions code
With a focus on mobile Web uses.
Zach Smith

Powerful browser-based coding, front-end and back 
You may be surprised at just how powerful this web IDE is. Comprehensive code editing all integrated with a dedicated Ubuntu server for each project. Public projects are free.
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