JavaScript Weekly
Issue 199 — September 19, 2014
‘JavaScript for Automation’ is a new feature in the forthcoming OS X Yosemite and makes JavaScript a first class language for writing automation scripts (as you’d usually use AppleScript for). There’s some documentation too.
Burke Holland

Tessel is a microcontroller that runs JavaScript, and this tutorial shows how to tie one together with a text messaging service to track how long your dog slept for. A fun, unusual use for JavaScript.

Frontend Masters
Brian Holt, front-end developer at Reddit, builds a web app and discusses the strengths of each of the four popular JavaScript frameworks: Ember, Angular, Backbone and React to help you understand which one is best suited to you and your next big project.
Watch a free video on the internal mechanics of the frameworks.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

The popular programming Q+A site now allows users to mark up runnable JavaScript code snippets, so linking out to something like JSFiddle for a live demo is no longer needed. This question provides an example of the feature in action.
Stack Overflow

Not available yet but might be of interest to some. Flow is a static type system for JavaScript being built at JavaScript, it’ll be made available sometime in the coming months.

With over 1600 registered for 2014’s event, O’Reilly Fluent is a huge event on the JavaScript and Web Platform calendar, and if you want to speak at the 2015 event in San Francisco, you need to get your proposal in by October 27th. See you there!


  • Software Engineer at Expensify (San Francisco, CA)We're looking for generalists with JS/jQuery and PHP experience. Do you hate expense reports with a passion? Want to meet us in Portugal for a month this fall and help us fight the war on expense reports. Apply today. Expensify
  • Front-End Developer at Umbel (Austin, TX)Want to do big data at a small startup? We need world-class JavaScript developers to help us build our data visualization platform. Umbel
  • Senior UI EngineerLooking for a challenge? Tired of the usual nine to five grind? Want to spend your days with a team of creative, smart, and fun-loving people working toward a common goal? Love to wow an audience? Then check us out on github/modeln. Model N

In Brief

React v0.11.2 Released news

Apple Shows Love for HTML5 (and JavaScript!) with iOS 8 news

WinJS 3.0 Released: The Windows Library for JavaScript news
Windows Apps Team

5 Common JavaScript 'Tricks' Explained tutorial
Boolean casting, string to number conversion, default values, void 0, and encapsulation.

Using String Replace in JavaScript 
Kyle Simpson

Building a Command-Line Reporting Task with JavaScript and Wakanda tutorial

Concurrency in JavaScript, a Look at Web Workers tutorial
Thibault Imbert

An Ember.js Introduction by Kasper Tidemann video
25 minutes.

Delaying the $digest() cycle in AngularJS 
Aaron Gray

How to Scale A Meteor.js App 
Josh Owens

Emerging Patterns in JavaScript Event Handling 

Keeping Secrets with JavaScript: An Introduction to The WebCrypto API 
Tim Taubert

From Backbone To React: Our Experience Scaling a Web Application 

Getting Started With React 
Tyson Cadenhead

5 Typical JavaScript Interview Exercises 

Transducers.js: A JavaScript Library for Transformation of Data code
An extensive post with motivations behind its development and how to use it.
James Long

MelchiorJS: The First Module Loader with Chainable Module Definition API code
An alternative to RequireJS and AMD.
Dmitri Voronianski

ForerunnerDB: High Performance NoSQL In-Browser Database code
Uses a simple JSON-based query language based on MongoDB’s query language, persistently stores data across page loads, open source, but costs money for commercial use.

fartscroll.js: Makes Your Web Pages Fart As You Scroll code
Yes, 100% silly but what else would you expect from The Onion!
The Onion

denodeify: Tool to Turn Functions with Node-Style Callback APIs Into Functions That Return Promises code node
Matt Andrews

React Starterify: An Opinionated React JS Application Skeleton code
Maurizio Mangione

Intern: A Next-Generation Testing Stack for JavaScript code
2.1.0 released with new HTML and JUnit reporters, test filtering, and improved functional test performance.

Paths.js: Generate SVG Paths with A High Level API code
Andrea Ferretti

Announcing JS Error Reporting + AJAX Timing in New Relic 
Currently, 1.2m domains use the New Relic Browser monitoring tools to maintain a comprehensive overview of their browser page load times, throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors and Ajax timing. Find out how real-time insights help people build better performing software with New Relic.
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