JavaScript Weekly
Issue 200 — September 26, 2014
At JSConfUY (Uruguay), Doug Crockford gave a (very well recorded) talk about code quality in JavaScript, code standards, JSLint, and more.

Some practical examples of using ‘JavaScript for OS X Automation’, a new API in OS X Yosemite that makes JavaScript a first class language for automating activities (as was previously done with AppleScript).
Michael Crump

Help Net Security claimed that was compromised and serving malware. Ralph Whitbeck of the jQuery team quickly followed up to clarify that ‘At no time have the hosted jQuery libraries been compromised.’ but a different compromise the next day led to the site being moved.
Help Net Security and

In every IT environment, the risk of downtime rearing its ugly, and costly, head is an ever-present threat. Last year, businesses lost over $46 million to downtime-related expenses. This infographic examines how costly outages could be for your industry and how to keep downtime from impacting your bottom line.
Rackspace   Sponsor

Flux is the application architecture that Facebook uses to build web applications with React, and this is a look at how to do formal unit testing of Flux applications with Jest, Facebook’s auto-mocking testing framework.
Bill Fisher

npm 2 is out and Forrest L Norvell provides some background to the version bump and the semantic versioning background here. This and more Node news in this week's Node Weekly.

The first part in a series aiming to bring you up to speed with Promises in ES6. This part explains the foundations of asynchronous programming in JavaScript.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Raymond Camden reports that the implementation of IndexedDB added to Safari on iOS 8 has an significant issue related to primary keys.
Raymond Camden


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In Brief

Meteor 0.9.2 Released: Building iOS and Android Mobile Apps with PhoneGap news
0.9.3 followed quickly with less significant, packaging system oriented, updates.
The Meteor Blog

Build a Joyent-style Pricing Menu with AngularJS tutorial
One Hungry Mind

An Introduction to Broccoli tutorial
A Node-based, backend agnostic asset pipeline, supporting constant-time rebuilds and compact build definitions.
Simon Wade

Generating Mondrian-style Art with JavaScript tutorial
Jenn Schiffer

Getting Started with Melchior.js (a new module loader) tutorial
Dmitri Voronianski

Choosing a JavaScript Framework with Craig McKeachie podcast
Hanselminutes Podcast

Six Reasons to Define Constructors with Only One Argument code
Giulio Canti

Bringing Sanity to JavaScript UTC Dates with Moment.js and Ember Data 

A Journey From Require.js to Browserify 
Oren Farhi

Mistakes I Made in My First Ember Project 
David Hayes

sublime-jsfmt: JS Formatting Plugin for Sublime Text tools
Paul Irish

bottlejs: Extensible Dependency Injection Micro Container for JS Apps code
Stephen Young

istanbul-js: A JavaScript Code Coverage Tool Written in JS code
Krishnan Anantheswaran

timing.js: Helpers for working with the Navigation Timing API code
Addy Osmani

ng-admin: Add an AngularJS Admin GUI to any RESTful API code

fake-identity.js: Generate Random Identity Objects Including Name, Address, etc. code
Travis Horn

react-cursor: JS Implementation of Om's Cursor Concept for Facebook React code
Dustin Getz

PathFinding.js: A Path-finding Library for Grid Based Games code
Xueqiao Xu

Powerful browser-based coding, front-end and back 
You may be surprised at just how powerful this web IDE is. Comprehensive code editing all integrated with a dedicated Ubuntu server for each project. Public projects are free.
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