JavaScript Weekly
Issue 207 — November 14, 2014
Join the Angular team today (Friday 14th November) at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern) at this Google Hangout. They’ll be discussing Angular 1.3 and 2.0. A recording will go up shortly after if you miss it.
Angular Air

The latest IE in the latest Windows 10 preview build includes a variety of new Web platform features, but also ES6 features like classes, arrow functions, promises, proxies, symbols, and more.

Two-way data-binding is useful if you want to align your JavaScript-based models with their HTML based representations, and this article looks at two ways to do it with vanilla JavaScript.
Sella Rafaeli

Red Gate Software
Learn database source control with this free guide: SQL Server Source Control Basics. Written by an MVP and 2 others, it has 295 pages full of worked examples, covering core ideas, tools, source control systems, and how to automate. Get your copy now.
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From the Metrics Team at Mozilla comes a library built on top of D3 that is optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data. It currently supports line charts, scatter plots and histograms.

A way to give more descriptive displayed names to anonymous functions.
Malte Ubl

JavaScript modules and dependencies have been making Trek mad and he presents an extensive take on the situation.
Trek Glowacki

A summary of the recent happenings around the future of Node’s organization, including Node Forward and Joyent’s Node Advisory Board.
Read Write


In Brief

Mozilla Introduces the First Browser Built For Developers news
The Developer Edition is a new release channel, replacing Aurora, for the latest features and dev tools.
Mozilla Hacks

ES6 Generators Now 22x Faster in Firefox  news
Andy Wingo

Node 0.10 and Latest 0.11 Shipping with 'Unsupported' Versions of V8? news

9 Anti-Patterns for Node.js Teams video node
Nodeconf EU 2014

Reactive MVC and the Virtual DOM 
Andre Medeiros

Visually Representing Angular Applications 
Mozilla Hacks

The Top 10 Mistakes That KnockoutJS Developers Make 
Mike Mellenthin

10 Things I Learned From Reading (and Writing) The PouchDB Source 
PouchDB is a JavaScript database that sync between browser and a backend CouchDB source.
Nolan Lawson

material ui: CSS Framework and React Components Implementing Google's Material Design code

Raven: A node-webkit-based Minimal Text Editor Written in JavaScript code
Quildreen Motta

Dexie.js: Minimalistic IndexedDB Wrapper code

particles.js: A Lightweight JavaScript Library for Creating Particles code
Vincent Garreau

Backbone Computed Properties: Ember-style Computed Properties for Backbone Models code
David Tang

jor1k: An OpenRISC 1000 Emulator written in JavaScript code
It runs Linux and you can try the demo online.
Sebastian Macke

Espresso.js: A React and Backbone-inspired MVC Framework code

chroma.js: JavaScript Library for Color Manipulations code
Color mode conversions, color scales, color interpolation, and more.
Gregor Aisch

CopperLicht: WebGL-based JavaScript 3D Engine code
As of 1.8.1, it's now open source.

sql.js: SQLite Compiled to JavaScript Through Emscripten code
Alon Zakai

jQuery.dotdotdot: Cross-Browser Ellipsis for Multiple Line Content code
BeSite B.V.

imagejs: Small Tool to Package JavaScript Into A Valid Image File tools
Mostly for potentially naughty reasons. Better Server Status Communcation tools is the best way to create an always-up, always-on status page for your web service.
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