JavaScript Weekly
Issue 209 — November 28, 2014
An extensive e-book (which you can read online free) that covers the differences between ECMAScript 5 and 6, aimed at developers already familiar with ES5. It's a work in progress but there's already a lot to enjoy.
Nicholas C Zakas

A beginner-oriented tutorial on using Facebook’s React library and its XML-like JSX syntax for templates and output.

Produces handy visualizations of the structure of regexes you supply. @JavaScriptDaily followers also recommended Regexer, Regexper, Regularish and Regex101.

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Nettuts+   Sponsor

A dive into JavaScript’s behavior when it comes to function naming and the ‘name’ attribute of functions in ES5 and ES6.
Mike Pennisi

A humorous comparison of strong and static vs weak and dynamic typing.
David Marino

Implements some of the most common array methods in a different but faster way, resulting in arrays with increased performance.


In Brief

Yahoo Mail Moving to Node and React + Flux (slide-deck) news
Subramanyan Murali

ShirtJS: JavaScript Framework Themed Clothing news

This Dashcam Simulation Is Just 1K Of JavaScript Magic news
Fast Co Labs

A Beginner's Guide to Grunt: Redux tutorial
Matt Bailey

An Overview of Functional Techniques (for non FPers) using JavaScript tutorial
Scott Sauyet

A Faster Start with Backbone.js tutorial
Patrick Mulder

Tracking Pageviews with Google Analytics and Angular tutorial
Chris Mitchell

Understanding JavaScript Generators video
An 8 minute look at generators and how they can relieve any tension you might have with callbacks.
James Moore

Ten Talks from NodeConf One-Shot Budapest video

Build Production Ready JavaScript Apps With Grunt video
Shai Reznik

Getting Started with Express.js video node

An Intro to Meteor.js video
Kevin Harvey

Adopting AngularJS for Enterprise Software video
Nick Van Weerdenburg

The Road to Ember 2.0 with Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz podcast
The Changelog

Resources for JavaScript and DOM Compatibility Tables 
A look at what 8 different compatibility tables have to offer.

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 1.0 Release Candidate tools node
Open source plugin that turns Visual Studio into a powerful Node.js IDE.

Handsontable: JavaScript Excel-like Data Grid Editor code
Not new, but now jQuery free.

SVG Morpheus: JS Library for Morphing Between SVG Icons code
Alex Kaul

Tubemaps: Browser and Node Library and Command-Line Tool for Handling (London) Tube Data code
Nicola Greco

SmartUnderline: Better Looking Underlines on the Web code

QuaggaJS: An Advanced Barcode-Reader Written in JavaScript code
Uses getUserMedia.

Jss: Dynamic Stylesheets for Web Components code
Oleg Slobodskoi

Stop Hacking Plugins - Try a Fast JS Charting Library with Everything Built-in 
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