JavaScript Weekly
Issue 210 — December 5, 2014
An opinionated article that seems to have struck a chord across social media. Jimmy comments on churn, progression, and burnout.
Jimmy Breck-McKye

Essentially a fork of Node, discussed in further links and stories below. A lot more about this in this week's Node Weekly. There's also a discussion on Hacker News and a thread with logo ideas.

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Frontend Masters
SVG is now supported on every modern browser and mobile device, and usage is on the upswing. Most people use it for icons or data visualizations, but don’t realize how much more powerful and useful SVG is than that. Come join Doug Schepers on January 30th to add SVG to your web toolkit.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

An extensive tutorial to guide you into automating apps under OS X Yosemite with JavaScript using JavaScript for Automation (JXA).

An overall look at Angular, what it set out to achieve, and how to prepare for the recently proposed developments around the future Angular 2.0.
John-Philip Johansson

A well recorded 25 minute talk looking at the pain points HubSpot was having with their Backbone app and how Flux and React have helped.
Gus Vargas


In Brief

JS Remote Conf: An Online JavaScript Conference in February 2015 news
Speakers so far include Misko Hevery, Jessica Kerr and John Sonmez.

An Update on the Node.js Advisory Board news node
Node.js Blog

Demystifying JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting tutorial

JavaScript Modules the ES6 Way tutorial
24 Ways

Top 10 Mistakes Node.js Developers Make tutorial
Alexandru Vladutu