JavaScript Weekly
Issue 214 — January 9, 2015
6to5 has taken a big step forward with stronger ES6 support than most other options, plus JSX and Flow type support.

A look at how SystemJS, JSPM, and ES6 can make JS even more pleasant to work with. A tight, interesting 10 minute screencast.
Glen Maddern

An interesting technique to share state between two tabs (that are looking at the same site).
Nicolas Bevacqua

Frontend Masters
Learn the core aspects of React and dive into real-world use cases for React. Taught by Ryan Florence, creator of the React Router. Join us online or in-person February 13th!
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Raymond Camden tells the tale of how a recent project got him to use a handful of simple tools that helped improve the overall quality of the code.
Raymond Camden

A tutorial, video (15 minutes), and demo of running the same code server and client side for rendering.
David Wells

Some great JS and HTML5 talks here from folks like Christian Heilmann, Tomomi Imura and John-David Dalton. The 2nd event is also coming up.

An interesting ‘behind the scenes’ look at the code in a book that presented JS as if written by famous authors.
Angus Croll

An explanation of Smalltalk’s MVC model and how it could inspire better work in JavaScript.
Peter Michaux


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In Brief

The jQuery UK Conference 2015 - Oxford on March 6 news

MountainWest JavaScript 2015 - March 3-4 in Salt Lake City news

Dealing with Events in the Browser without jQuery tutorial
You Don't Need jQuery

Taming Asynchronous JavaScript with Async.js tutorial
Async.js provides a way to run functions in series without nested callbacks.
David Aragon

How To Build a Chrome Extension for Trello with JavaScript tutorial

Taking React to The Next Level with Mixins, Gulp, and Browserify tutorial
Mike Kamermans

Polymer Web Components with Marionette.js tutorial
Jeremy Fairbank

Making JavaScript Games Tutorial 1: Setting Up HTML Canvas  tutorial video

Hanging Up On Callbacks: Generators in ECMAScript 6 video
Erin Swenson-Healey

An i18n and Translation Workflow and Formatting Complex Translations video
Tingan Ho

A Look at ECMAScript 6's Maps and Sets 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Exploring Angular 1.3: A Set of 7 Blog Posts Looking at 1.3's Features 

Applying NASA Coding Standards to JavaScript in 10 Rules 
Based on Holzmann’s “Power of 10” paper.
Pixels Commander

Modularizing Underscore.js 
Henrik Joreteg

What is Meteor.js? A High Level Overview 
Josh Owens

14 Tools For Minifying JavaScript tools
Daniel Pataki

Node.js Application Deployment & Hosting Simplified tools
Modulus provides a portable, scalable and customizable Node.js hosting platform. Try it for free now.
Modulus  Sponsor

Morpheus: A React and Express-based Isomorphic JS Web Publishing Platform code
Alessandro Arnodo

Databound: An API Exposing Ruby on Rails' CRUD in JavaScript code
Domas Bitvinskas

jQuery Wrapper for the ZingChart Charting Library API code

Snabbt.js: Minimalistic JavaScript Animation Library code
Daniel Lundin

jQuery Mapael: A jQuery Plugin for Building Interactive Vector Maps code
Vincent Brouté

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