JavaScript Weekly
Issue 213 — January 2, 2015
Elegantly compact descriptions of several new object oriented programming features in ES6, including improved object literals, Object.assign(), and
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

An opinion piece about the rapid nature of change in the JavaScript world and how this affects newcomers, existing developers, and those working on longer term projects.
Manuel Bernhardt

Frontend Masters
Aaron Frost, JS.Next: ES6 master, gives you a crash course on the changes JavaScript is seeing on the client and server in Node.js. Get going with the new language features of JavaScript.
Try out a free lesson: Introducing Destructuring.
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Symbols are a new primitive type in ECMAScript 6 that act as tokens that serve as unique IDs. They’re created with the Symbol() factory function.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

I flipped through a copy the other day and was happy with what I saw.
No Starch Press

It’s back at Amelia Island in Florida across May 27-29. The call for speakers is open until January 30th.


In Brief

jQuery 1.11.2 and 2.1.3 Released (Safari Fail-Safe Edition) news
Official jQuery Blog

npm's Year in Numbers: 2014 news
The official npm repository grew from 53k to 115k packages and now serves 25 million downloads a day.
The npm Blog

Some Obscure JavaScript Pitfalls 
Jonathan Bergknoff

Exploring Facebook Flow: Facebook's Type Checker for JavaScript 
Charlie Marsh

Knowing Which Apps You’re Breaking using Static Analysis 
Joel Kemp

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Heroku Node App From Sleeping node
Quick Left

Creating Objects without Prototypes tutorial
A Drip of JavaScript

Converting A Project From AMD to CommonJS with Recast tutorial
Dustan Kasten

intellij-es67: ES6/7 Syntax Improvements Plugin for Inteliij IDEA tools

PleaseWait.js: A Loading/Splash Screen for your SPA code
A library to show users a splash page while an app loads. Brendan Eich notes you should 'try to load quickly enough that no such splash screen is necessary' however.

React Templates: Lightweight Templates for React code
Adds template support to React as an alternative to JSX (with an Angular inspired syntax).

angular-websocket: AngularJS 1.x WebSocket Service for Connecting Client Apps to Servers code

jsrt: A Simple JavaScript Ray Tracing Engine code
A short, simple to understand raytracer in a single file by the creator of Redis.
Salvatore Sanfilippo (a.k.a. antirez)

Rome: A Customizable Date (and Time) Picker Control code
Nicolas Bevacqua

Bitcore: A Powerful JavaScript Core for Bitcoin Projects code

New Year, New UI for the API: Why We Chose Angular 
We just rewrote the entire Stormpath API console in Angular.js. Get our tips on how to design and architect interfaces for RESTful services, and why we went with Angular.
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